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Are you ready for the adventure of a lifetime? Make 2016 your year to travel! Here are a few places that are topping everyone’s list of dream trips this year.

Botswana: If you want to get away from it all, this is the spot for you. Botswana was at the top of Lonely Planet’s list of 2016 destinations and for good reason. This southern African nation is celebrating its 50th year of independence and is ready for the spotlight. As one of the most sparsely populated places on the planet, this breathtaking nation is known far and wide for its amazing wildlife. Head to the Okavango Delta to see the hippos and crocodiles or go on a safari inland to marvel at the lions, leopard and rhinos. While there is a lot of affordable accommodation here, the sky is the limit if you’re looking to soak in a night of luxury.


Cuba: It’s truly a race against time to get into this Caribbean oasis. The Americans are coming and change will follow them. Regardless of the colour of your passport, you’ll want to get to Cuba sooner rather than later. Take in the well preserved remnants of 16th-century colonial Spanish architecture in Old Havana then salsa the night away at any one of the local dance clubs. It’s a rare chance to see a country untouched by so many aspects of globalisation.

natal photo
Photo by o.dirce

Rio Grande do Norte, Brazil: Ready for a new Brazilian beach to fantasise about? The locals call this sundrenched northeastern state the “Bride of the Sun” and it’s blessed with 233 days of sunshine per year. There is a seaside spot here for everyone. Explore the beaches of the capital city Natal, which is known for its stunning dunes and the old Portuguese fort Forte dos Reis Magos. Head over to Ponta Negra to take in the picturesque Morro do Careca dune then make your way down to Pipa Beach to surf and go dolphin spotting.

Mumbai photo
Photo by Advait Supnekar

Mumbai, India: If you have never been to Asia, go now. Open a new tab and buy a ticket to Mumbai right this second. You’ll never see so much in so little space. Truly, the eyes cannot even take in all that India has to offer. Neither can your nose nor your mind. You’ll head will be spinning after the endless Bollywood performance, whirlwind of spices, otherworldly tropical forests like Sanjay Gandhi National Park, and the sprawling collection of the world’s greatest bazaars. If you’re bored in India, you won’t find entertainment on this earth. India is a lot of things but no one could ever accuse it of being dull. Whatever you like, they’ve got it. Don’t leave without eating something you regret and soaking your feet in the Indian Ocean.



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