Friday, January 28 2022

You don’t need to pay over the odds when it comes to your ski holiday, you know. How’s that then, I hear you ask? Well, there are various steps you can take in order to ensure your ski adventure far from breaks the bank. Why should you pay more if you really don’t have to?

1. Grab Some Friends

Group bookings are a great way of saving money on your ski holiday. So, if you’re friends with other skiers, why not ask them to join you? That way, you can all have fun AND save money. Good, eh?

2. Select your Ski Equipment Wisely

If you’re really trying to save money, then whatever you do, steer clear of extortionate ski equipment. There’s plenty of it about, we’re talking hundreds of pounds. Unless you’re going skiing several times a year, it’s just not worth it. Instead, why not buy some second hand ski gear? Make online auction sites, like eBay, your first port of call. Many a bargain can be had on these sites. Oh and be sure to filter search results so the price starts from ‘low to high’. You’ll be able to find that bargain much quicker then.

One more thing, before you go about buying your ski equipment, check with your tour operator first as many operators include some ski hire in the price of the holiday. You never know, the same might apply to your ski holiday. So ask beforehand. Don’t forget, most ski resorts rent out ski equipment, at reasonable prices, too.

3. Choose the Best Time of Year to Go

Now, this is one of main factors that will affect the overall price of the ski holiday the most. The most expensive months tend to be December and January as these are immensely popular with avid skiers. February is best to avoid too, as the half term holidays will drive the price up you see. You’re better off going late February/early March. As well as getting your holiday cheaper at this time, you’ll also find the slopes are much quieter. What more could you want?

4. Ski Lessons

When booking ski lessons, your best bet is to book your classes in blocks. You’ll get cheaper rates this way. Group lessons can also help to reduce the overall cost.

5. Get a Last Minute Deal

Not got a lot of commitments? Got the freedom to go where and whenever you choose? You must be one of the lucky few able to book last minute then. So have a browse through the last minute deals available, you’ll no doubt be pleasantly surprised by the prices. It’s well worth checking with a variety of ski operators, to see what ski holiday deals they have got to offer too.


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