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Being tagged as one of the most beautiful continents in the world, Europe is maybe the most desired place for travellers to visit. Having graced with fifty independent countries, this continent offers spectacular sites, captivating history and art, mouth-watering cuisine, and rich culture.

But, travelling in this part of the globe can be costly too. So, listed below are wallet-friendly destinations in Europe where enjoyment and fine dining would not be compromised.

Prague, Czech Republic

Prague is one of the most visited cities in Europe. But despite this city’s popularity, it is still an economical place for vacationers to visit. There are ample of beautiful places and sites that this city offers. Attractions here include the tenth-century ruins of the castle called Vysehrad, the Prague Castle, Charles Bridge, and the Old Town Square.

All of these places can be explored without charge. Also, many museums and galleries in Prague offer free admission at specific days and time. Some of the best restaurants with low prices in Prague are the Country Life, U Provaznice, Manni Pakistani Restaurant, U Zavenesyho Kafe, and Bohemia Bagel.

Charles bridge photo
Photo by Limes Wright

Charles bridge, Prague, The Czech Republic

Budapest, Hungary

Being home of the sloppy Danube River, the Great Plain and the Buda Hills, Budapest is nevertheless tagged as one of the beautiful cities in Europe. Besides its scenic beauty, this city is also friendly to the budget.

Cheap restaurants which serve good food are available in this city like Kisharang Etkezde, Karcsi Vendeglo, Platan Etterem, and Metropolitan Cafe & Self-service Restaurant.

Budapest Hungary photo
Photo by Frans.Sellies

Budapest, Hungary

Lisbon, Portugal

The World Heritage Sites, Jerónimos Monastery and Belem Tower, are just two of the reasons to visit Lisbon in Portugal. This global city is still an affordable travel destination compared to its neighbouring countries.

Quality Portuguese cuisine at affordable prices is available at Casa ad India, Terra, A Carvoaria, As Zebras do Combro, Pois Cafe, and other restaurants in Lisbon.

Belem tower photo
Photo by Marc Heurtaut

Belem tower, Lisbon, Portugal

Athens, Greece

Another European city which is famous for its culture is Athens, Greece. This city is really a must-visit place due to its overwhelming cultural attractions. Surprisingly, the visit in this legendary city is inexpensive. Quality Mediterranean cuisine in Athens must also be tried at restaurants like O Thanasis, Bairaktaris, and Ariston.

Parthenon Athens photo
Photo by Darrell Godliman

Parthenon, Athens, Greece

Krakow, Poland

Krakow is another stunning city that is worth visiting. Krakow is one of the artistic cities in Europe and surely, a visit in this place is price-worthy. Fortunately, a travel in Krakow is not as expensive as it may seem.

And due to the fierce competition between dining places, many good quality restaurants can be found everywhere in Krakow. Some best dining places in Krakow are Cheder, Dong-A, Zazie, Chimera, and Restaurant Farina amongst others.

Krakow Poland photo
Photo by garyhebding

Krakow, Poland

European expedition doesn’t have to be expensive for it to become a reality. Many cities in this continent can offer various enjoyable activities and mouth-watering cuisine without putting too much budget at stake.


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