Are – renowned ski resort in Sweden

Are is a renowned ski resort located in Jämtland, Sweden, 80 km away from Östersund city. Are is famous for its skiing facilities, the latter being most popular in these three regions: Hogzon and central Are, Bjornen and Duved-Tegefjäll.

Are appeals to many tourists that visit the area attracted by ice mountains rising up to 1420 meters high and ski lifts on the mountain of Åreskutan that also reach pretty large heights. (1260 meters).

Are resort photo
Photo by Burnsland

You can reach Are by using either a train, a plane or a helicopter. In addition, you can get around by using the ski bus that connects the villages and which is accessible every hour. Owning a Ski- pass will enable you to use the bus for free, and that is particularly useful when the snowmobile lifts are shut down.

Visiting Are is an excellent opportunity to enjoy spectacular views of the mountaintops. In addition, you should also check out the Tännforsen waterfall whose waters offer an enchanting frozen spectacle during winter. Furthermore, by visiting Are you get to shop for sports equipment at really affordable prices, with snowboarding gear and clothing being readily available. There are also small shops retailing in locally manufactured handicrafts and souvenirs. You can also find luxury stores within the village that offer locally made jewels and wedding rings.

There are several restaurants in Are offering whose services are topped up by a lovely atmosphere. Spots where you can enjoy a nice meal range from hunting villas to fast food restaurants offering excellent foods from local cuisine to American dishes. Furthermore, Are becomes a great party hub during winter, with parties being held around the clock in several popular bars and clubs. Accommodation facilities are also available in Are, and they come in the form of hotels, cabins and apartments.

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