Avignon – the City of Pope

Avignon is one of the most popular communes in France. More specifically it is located in the southeastern part of France situated in the department of Vaucluse. The left part of the Avignon lies on the left side of the great river Rhone. In its ancient centre you will meet about 12,000 inhabitants and it is surrounded by the medieval ramparts.

The city is very well-known with the name of City of Popes and if a person is not able to recognize the city with its real name or with the name of Avignon then he will surely recognize the city by the name of City of Popes. You already can understand the reason of this name and the reason is that the city is mainly for the purity and the main members of the city are Popes who are also the symbol purity for the living people. From the ancient time period they are living there it is about from the 1309 to 1423. That means it is during the Catholic schism.

It is now the capital of Vaucluse department and it is also known as the largest city of the department. The city has preserved the ramparts and that makes the city among very few cities of French who has preserved their ramparts. From the history, it is the historical center or the center place for the Popes. Because of the Bridge of Avignon, it becomes the heritage site and classified by UNESCO.

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