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Ready for the adventure of a lifetime? You’ve got to prepare for the jet lag that comes along with it!  While any long haul trip is going to require some adjustments, there are a few things that you can do to make it infinitely easier on yourself. Here’s where to get started to prevent jet lag before it takes off your holiday.

Plan In Advance

Start adjusting your body at least one week before you go. Get yourself just a little bit closer to your destination’s schedule every night. Start the process by going to bed a little later (or earlier) every night until you are a few hours closer to your target schedule.

Book an Overnight Flight

Arriving in your destination in the morning is the absolute best thing that you can do to prevent jet lag. If you can sleep for at least a few hours on the plane before you arrive and then stay up all day, you’ll be instantly on track.

Ditch the Coffee and Booze

While it’s good to have a bit of caffeine to stay awake after you arrive, limit your coffee breaks on the plane. And, as always, alcohol is just going to make you feel like crap on your journey so skip it altogether.

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Keep Hydrated

Drink at least one cup of water for every hour that you are on the plane. Be sure to also pack along a moisturiser, lip balm and eye drops to keep your body feeling quenched in the dry cabin air.

Bring Your Sleeping Gear

The key to avoiding jet lag is to sleep on the plane. Bring comfortable socks, a pillow, a sleep mask, and whatever else helps you to get to sleep. Don’t rule out the possitibity of sleeping pills. If timed well, they can make a major difference in your ability to prevent jet lag. If you don’t like the idea of being drugged up, opt for a natural fix like melatonin. Studies have shown that this non-addictive, natural med can make a major difference in preventing jet lag.

Get Out As Soon As You Can

Assuming you arrive during the daytime, go outside and take as long of a walk as you can. Get some sunlight to help wake yourself up and reset your internal clock.

Stay Dedicated

Try to stay awake as long as you possibly can. If you are truly exhausted and can’t stick with it, take a 20 minute nap. Set an alarm for yourself and force yourself to get up afterward. If you stay dedicated on the first day, you really won’t have much jet lag for the rest of your trip.


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