Balboa Island: live the Californian dream

Balboa Island is a fancy residential area of Newport Beach, California. To reach the Peninsula  of Balboa from the mainland, you can get on a ferry, that departs regularly all day long from side to side or pass through the main bridge in the opposite side. The area is destination of many tourists, curious to see Balboa’s very particular houses. But is also destination for the local people, that enjoy going to the peninsula for a morning workout or a nice picnic with friends and family.

WHAT TO SEE in Balboa Island?

Balboa Island is famous for its expensive houses. They are something amazing to see! These beach hoses present all different styles and decorations: you can find a Mexican style house next to a European style one! You can rent the houses and go there for a vacation with your family. All the houses are located on the perimeter of the peninsula, and have an incredible view of the harbor.

Balboa Island house photo
Photo by silare

But walking on the main street in the center, is also an interesting experience. The walkway on Main Street brings you directly to the historical Balboa Pavillon, that became famous for being the house of notorious people as Benny Goodman. The street is very enjoyable, full of shops and people jogging.

THINGS TO DO in Balboa

Balboa Island is home to many characteristic Californian restaurants, offering food to take away to the beach. But of course you can also take your time and sit down eating your meal in a nice and relaxed ambiance. A famous location is the Crab Cooker, where you can eat delicious seafood and enjoy a fun and casual atmosphere before hitting the beach. Moreover, along the street, you can find lot of very interesting shops, where you can chill and go shopping for beach and surf items.

Balboa Island shops photo
Photo by KO=knockout

An other thing to try in Balboa, is for sure the rental of Balboa’s boats.You can drive your own little boat in the harbor for as many hours as you desire, enjoy the beautiful sunset and have a easy dinner on it. You don’t even need a boat driving license! It is really fun and the view from the boat is amazing!

But you must also have a check at the Balboa Fun Zone, where you can have a ride on the ancient 80 years old Balboa Ferris Wheel and enjoy the view of the entire harbor.  Or you can just enjoy the promenade with local people walking in the fun area, drinking something in a pub or just relaxing near the water.

Balboa Island is really something peculiar that you won’t find anywhere else! Ideal for an unforgettable vacation if you can afford it, but also very nice for having fun at the beach, enjoying good food and shopping, and admiring the breathtaking Californian sunset!

Photo by cjalallian

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