Balearic Islands – a collection of four amazing Mediterranean islands

Balearic Islands are a collection of four amazing islands that floats serenely on the glittering sea of Mediterranean. The islands include Mallorca, Ibiza, Formentera and Menorca. The nature in which the Balearic Islands display themselves has been said by many to contain a theme.

It is just fantastic and awesome. The senior island is regarded as Mallorca and it can be said to contain a portion of everything you can think about. It is here that you can enjoy sea and sun tourism and hiking as you admire its beautiful surrounding sceneries.

Most people relate Ibiza with clubbing and it is this island which is said to give Europe the rave that it displays today. The island of Menorca has everything that a real tourist would desire. It is a unique region of tranquillity and enjoys the splendid of isolated coves and beaches. There are also prehistoric monuments in the island which reminds the locals of how small they actually are when set upon other large things. There is also the tiny but well known Formentera which is basically an island that chills out in the region. It is this place that most visitors will loose themselves and go crazy during summer and require just something happy to ensure that they are happy as they partake in the numerous sunset and white beaches parties.

Photo by M.G.N. – Marcel


There are a massive force of international travellers and multinational force that invades Balearic Islands every year in search of the golden treasure of happiness hidden here. Whereas the actual population of this awesome and multifaceted region is actually not more than a million, more often than not the area is usually overcrowded by people who make it a holiday haven. Fun seekers mostly travel to Balearic Islands from the month of Easter all the way until October.

Although Balearic Islands are among the fairly modernized regions of Spain, you will be surprised to note that the islands have for all this time managed to uphold the intrinsic beauty that have existed here since historical times. For this, it is one of the most visited regions especially for persons that are enthusiastic about history and culture.

Photo by Eloy Rodríguez – Merry Christmas ¡¡¡

In addition, Balearic Islands have numerous resorts, restaurants and bars that keep on cropping up now and then. For this reason, night-life in the islands is great and full of fun. There are even other highly popular beaches in the area and notable attractions like the Stone Age ruins, Gothic sights, fishing villages, secluded coves and spectacular walks. Farming in the islands is characterized by the never ending citrus orchards and endless almond gloves and olive. There are also visitors who have become fond of hosting beach holidays and retreats in the area attracting travellers of all walks of life. During the festive season, the beaches are always packed with visitors engaging in all the craziest water sporting activities available such as surfing, boat riding, skiing and canoeing. Balearic Islands also have a wonderful climate comprising of relatively hot summers and mild winter season.

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