Bamberg – one of the most beautiful medieval cities in Germany

Bamberg is a town that has always been known as an important place to the Slav people. The prosperity of the town started during the 12th century and continued from there on out.

Germany and Hungary were strongly influenced by the architecture that is present in Bamberg. Looking at the architecture of Bamberg you will see that most of the features are represented by the medieval era.

One of Bamberg’s earliest developments was during the early Carolingian period when The Counts of Babenberg Castle was present. The castle became a part of royal property in the year of 906 and it was later passed down to the Dukes of Bavaria.

The planning for the town as far as building and the development all started with the castle.

Let’s move along to discuss a few places that you might be interested in visiting while you are in Bamberg.

Bamberg photo
Photo by Hugo von Schreck

Altes Rathaus

Altes Rathaus is known as the old town hall building. This is a very historic place in Bamberg that is located on a small. This building is densely decorated and inside you will find a huge collection of porcelain items which date all the way back to the 18th century.


Diozesanmuseum is a museum that is located inside of a cathedral building. In this museum you will find many nails, screws, and splinters that have been thought to have been those that were found on the cross of Jesus. There is also a star spangled cloak there that was given to Emperor Heinrich II; it makes up to be one of the best displays in the cathedral museum.

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