Barcelona – one of the most visited cities in Spain and also in Europe

Traveling, and seeing the world can be a fun and very rewarding experience for anyone. Regardless of whether you are planning a short vacation or even a year-long trip around the globe, you will always find that there is never enough time to see and do all that you want to.

If you have been thinking about visiting Europe, then one pit stop anyone should make is in Barcelona, Spain. Barcelona may be the second largest city in the nation, but it is the most popular destination hotspot. It is one of the most visited cities in Spain and also in Europe.

Barceloneta beach photo
Photo by F. Scorza

Barceloneta beach, Barcelona

The beaches of Barcelona are simply amazing. Sunbathing along the Spanish shores is truly something that must be experienced by anyone. These beaches are one of the more popular destinations for many Europeans. Probably the most famous is the beach known as La Barceloneta.

For a fine mix of culture, style, food and leisure, taking time to visit the city of Barcelona has its many rewards. There is a unique blend of old and new-world architecture throughout the city. Barcelona is also considered to be one of the most dynamic and exciting cities along the Mediterranean Sea.

Be prepared to walk around because the city is a maze of narrow streets and interesting plazas. One of the more popular plazas is the Plaza de Catalunya. Many consider it to be the one of the most interesting stops. Of course you cannot forget to stop and check out La Rambla Street, which is one of the busiest streets in Barcelona.

 Plaza de Catalunya photo
Photo by Eduardo_Cabral

Plaza de Catalunya, Barcelona

Just like any major city, Barcelona has many of the standard destinations such as their zoo and aquarium. But for the sports enthusiast, one has to stop and check out Camp Nou which is the home of the Barcelona Football Club. Here you will see all of the teams coveted trophies and may even catch a glimpse of some of the players themselves. For the artists, one has to stop by and check out the Picasso Museum before leaving Barcelona.

And…of course, do not forget to visit works of architect Antoni Gaudí, who made quite a long list of attractions in the city. These include, for example, Sagrada Familia – a church that is still not finished, or Parque Güell – a large park with architectural elements situated at the hill and offering great views of Barcelona.

With so much to see and do, you may just want to visit this exciting city every year.

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