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Batalha Monastery is a heritage monument in Portugal and it is known as Europe’s most popular Gothic masterpiece. It was built in 1385 after victory of King Joao in the battle of Aljubarrota. The construction of this historical building lasted for two centuries.

The Europe’s Gothic style was evolved during its construction project. In the 1983 world’s number one UNESCO has added it in the list of World’s Heritage list.

If you visit this historical monument then you will see the grave of the great King Joao and his wife, Queen Phillippa in the entry gate of Batalha. There are many arches carved of flowers, fruits, leaves and huge number of symbols which were used by the king Joao and his family. The construction started in 1386 and was completed in 1517.

You will see armillary spheres and Christ in Manueline style at the gate of Batalha Monastery. Its exterior is amazing as its west front is covered with Gothic windows and completely filled by lacy stonework. It looks spectacular in the night when it is illuminated.

Batalha Monastery photo
Photo by Hugo Carriço

Batalha monastery, Leiria, Centro region, Portugal

There is arc shaped tympanum which was covered by statues of angles, saints and evangelists. The west front doors are also covered by twelve free standing statues in a unique position.

The top frontage side of west portal is flanked with a glass window in Gothic style of Portuguese. When you walk around the east end, you can see a nice view of uncompleted chapels and apse.

Interior is divided into three beautiful gothic style aisle naves. There is a beautiful view by Monastery’s chancel stained glass window.

At the gate of east end there are seven unfinished Chapels along with highly rich ornaments. These Chapels are the greatest examples of amazing manueline ornaments style in an open sky. Batalha Monastery is situated around 118km from Lisbon.


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