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The Bavarian Forest National Park is located in the South Eastern part of Germany and it is known to be the first national park to open in Germany. It opened up to visitors in 1970. In the year 1997 it was extended to 243 extra Kilos to add some extra space for exploration.

When it was extended, the Bohemian Forest joined the rest of the park, making it a more adventurous place for tourists. This forest, like many in Europe has been left to develop naturally without being disturbed or touched by human hands. The only human contact is those that come to tour and explore.

Visitors are welcome here all year round to explore the forest that is evolving continuously as well as the other elements in the forest. 96% of the highland area is covered mainly in the forest so get prepared to get “lost” deep within the woods.

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Bavarian Forest National Park

The mountain peaks are amazing and many people enjoying viewing them from off in the distance. There are plenty of crystal clear streams that migrate down to the flat land from the mountains. Some of these streams are a bit difficult to determine just where they are coming from because of how lengthy they are. Lake Rachelsee is the only lake at the national park that is formed because of glaciers.

The wild life in the forest has to deal with some harsh weather conditions. The winters here tend to be very long with lots of snow. The attitude of the snowy and climate can reach anywhere from 600 m-1,453 m.
The wildlife that you can expect to see here, include:

  • Eagle Owls
  • Ural owls
  • Raven
  • Otters
  • Hazel gourse
  • Capercaillies
  • Three-toed wood peckers
  • Pygmy owls

The foot paths which take visitors along the park are about 300km, and they give visitors a safe way to enjoy the beauty of the place. There are a variety of different educational programs and activities which are free for the guests to use while they are at the national park.

There are a wide choice of trails and animal enclosure for people to choose from which is what makes this national park one of the most popular places to visit.

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