The Beauty of Khao Sok National Park in Thailand

Khao Sok National Park is a little slice of heaven on earth, hidden away in Southern Thailand in the Surat Thani province.The beauty of Khao Sok is simply breathtaking – intense green tropical jungles, emerald- and sapphire-hued lakes, dramatic waterfalls, an abundance of diverse flora and fauna, and amazing rock formations are but some of the defining features of the landscape.So what exactly can you look forward to seeing on a visit to Khao Sok?

Limestone karsts and blue-green lakes

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Photo by Nathan & Carolina
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Khao Sok has some truly dramatic geography, and it is well-known for its towering limestone pillars, or karsts, which have been formed over thousands of years by erosion. Compared to the rest of the landscape, these limestone cliffs seem to shoot out of the jungle and the lake, giving the area a surreal and almost magical atmosphere. Cheow Lan Lake (also known as Rajjaprabha Dam Reservoir) is a gorgeous artificial lake in Khao Sok, and it has become a prime tourist spot for nature-loving travellers. The lake is huge, and you may not even see another boat on trips out on the lake! This privacy and peace is part of what makes Khao Sok so beautiful – the nature remains pristine and untouched, even with tourists visiting year-round.

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The water is an amazing blue-green colour, which contrasts with the often stormy, grey clouds and occasional patches of blue sky. If you take a Thai long-tailed boat or kayak out on the lake, you can get superb uninterrupted panoramic views of the lake, mountains, and the surrounding jungle. Or, simply relax on the deck of one of the floating bungalows in the lake, and soak up the scenery in tranquillity. A day trip is great for an intense sensory experience, although a few days of relaxation, hidden away in the jungle, is often welcome after lots of time spent in the sun on the gorgeous beaches of Thailand’s islands!

Flora and fauna in Khao Sok National Park

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Photo by Arddu

Part of Khao Sok National Park‘s natural beauty is the flora and fauna of the evergreen rainforests – the strange and beautiful giant Rafflesia flower (a parasitic plant which attracts its prey with the foul stench of rotting flesh!), hornbill birds, gibbons, tigers, Asian elephants, and all sorts of other unique birds, mammals, and reptiles. You can take a guided jungle trekking tour to get acquainted with the local wildlife, or take a special elephant safari for a once in a lifetime experience with gentle giants! If you’re a bird enthusiast, then Khao Sok National Park is absolutely the place to be! Take a river canoe trip and spot amazing birds with the help of an experienced paddler.

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Photo by B℮n
khao sok wildlife photo
Photo by Rushen!

Whether you take part in all the activities in Khao Sok – trekking, hiking, boating, kayaking, tubing, swimming – or just settle for relaxing and reconnecting with nature, you will be struck by the beauty of this special piece of Thailand.

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