5 Best Beaches in Pattaya, Thailand

You can’t leave Pattaya without visiting at least one beach. While people travel from around the globe to take in the world class nightlife on Thailand’s eastern Gulf coast, there is a whole lot more to see in this gorgeous city than the insight of a nightclub.

To truly appreciate Pattaya, you’ve got to get back to nature. Despite the endless lines of condo, shopping centres, pubs, clubs and hotels, it wasn’t all that long ago that Pattaya was a quiet fishing village. If you are longing to get a glimpse of those days, we’ve got the place for you to waste away a million long and lazy afternoons. For those of you who like a little more adventure, fear not! We have tracked down the jet skis and parasailing sites too.

Jomtien photo
Photo by Vidar2010

1. Jomtien Beach

A mere two kilometers outside of South Pattaya, Jomtien Beach is a world away from the often crowded shores of Pattaya. If you are looking for a quiet day lounging in the sand, this is the place to go.  You will have your own little stretch of sand while still being surrounded with enough restaurants, cafes and shops to keep you well supplied with everything you will need for a day out. There are also great spots for windsurfing, jetskiing and volleyball.

Wong Amat photo
Photo by berryj_sourceberry

2. Naklua and Wong Amat Beaches

Looking to class it up a bit? Head down to the Naklua and Wong Amat beaches. This gorgeous bit of shore is just 15 minutes outside of the residential North Pattaya Beach area. It’s easy to grab a taxi up from town and you’ll find a dizzying array of five-star hotels and world class seafood restaurants.

Koh Lan photo
Photo by …Ola_S…

3. Koh Lan Beach

Koh Lan AKA Coral Island is your own little slice of paradise just off the shores of South Pattaya. Don’t leave town without going snorkeling there or at least taking in the view of the crystal clear seas through a glass-bottom boat trip.

Bang Sae photo
Photo by Rick2544

4. Bang Sae Beach

Want to see where the locals go to unwind? Head to Bang Saen Beach. Try some authentic Thai food there and be prepared to crave it for the rest of your life. Once you’ve grabbed your food from a street vendor or local seafood restaurant, have a picnic on the beach.

thailand photo
Photo by Rick2544

5. Pattaya Beach

You can’t not visit Pattaya Beach. Right in the centre of town and home to a whirlwind of activity, this is the place to be. While it is almost always a bit too crowded of a place to go sunbathing, they have everything else under the sun there. Grab an ice cream cone, head out for an afternoon of watersports then go back into town to party the night away!

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