Best Cities to Discover on Two Wheels

Sometimes, cycling through a city is simply the easiest way to explore it. But not every city is a biker’s paradise. We’ve put together a list of the most bike-friendly cities around the world so you know where you can take your old friend for a ride:

Copenhagen, Denmark

To do Copenhagen right, you have to do it on a bike. It’s the bike capital of Europe, with locals using and abusing their bikes to get to work and run daily errands. This makes the city one of the most bike-friendly in the world, with plenty of infrastructures geared towards tourists too. You can rent your own bike at CPH or use the city’s Bycyklen Kobenhavn, a non-profit bike-loan scheme.

Photo by skeeze (Pixabay)

Amsterdam, The Netherlands

Another one of Europe’s coolest cities to explore on two wheels, Amsterdam has all the staples of a bike-friendly capital. Extensive bike lanes will make you feel completely safe about cycling in this cosmopolitan city. And you’ll feel just like a local as you park your vintage bike to a little café by the canal.

Photo by neshom (Pixabay)

Buenos Aires, Argentina

Buenos Aires has everything a bike-friendly capital needs: flat roads, an extensive network of bike lanes and fascinating spots to discover. Recent investment in the city’s bike infrastructures make this a true up-and-coming destination for cycling enthusiasts. The city is still a work in progress but, as of right now, biking through the city’s large avenues is one of the most enjoyable ways to discover Buenos Aires.

buenos aires photo
Photo by kevin dooley

Strasbourg, France

Strasbourg has been France’s premier cycling city for a while now. More than 500km of cycle routes mean that biking through Strasbourg is one of the easiest (and fastest) ways to get around. This bike-friendly city also offers a handy bike sharing program for those who don’t have their own.

Photo by Vlado Ferenčić

Tokyo, Japan

Car-producing Japan makes room for cyclists too. In Tokyo, its largest city, you will find incredibly bike-friendly infrastructures that make it super easy to explore this mega-city on two wheels. The cycle routes aren’t always connected, but they’re perfect for exploring specific neighborhoods.

tokyo photo
Photo by Moyan_Brenn

Minneapolis, USA

In 2015, Minneapolis was the first American city to be featured on Copenhagenize Design Company’s Index of the most bike-friendly cities in the world. With 120 miles of on-street cycle routes and 90 miles of off-street lanes, you’ll be able to explore Minneapolis and beyond on two wheels.

minneapolis photo
Photo by jpnuwat

Montreal, Canada

Since the 1980s, Montreal government officials have been protecting bike lanes – an unusual move for a non-European city. Today, these cycle routes are still widely used by Quebecois and tourists alike. For a picturesque ride, take the waterfront loop starting at Atwater Market and ending at the picture-perfect St. Lawrence River.

montreal photo
Photo by Evan Shay

Portland, USA

For years now, Portland has been one of America’s top bike-friendly places. It’s the American city with the highest concentration of cyclists per capita and for good reason. The ride from Colonel Summers Park to Rocky Butte is one of the most scenic ones, taking you through residential neighborhoods and to the top of two extinct volcanoes.

Photo by Thomas Hawk