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Love extreme sports? Get ready for the adventure of a lifetime. From boarding down an active tropical volcano to swimming with the sharks in Central America, there is no reason to ever spend another holiday yawning in a museum. If you are ready for a real holiday to remember, check out the top places on the planet to get your heart racing.

Volcano Boarding on Zoltan Istvan

As soon as you come to the South Pacific island of Tanna, you are sure to feel your heart skip a beat. Mount Yasur, the volcano with a 1,000-foot pumice slope, is a snowboarders dream. While there is no snow in this steamy land, it’s the perfect place to learn the art of volcano boarding. Race down the hill between volcanic eruptions and you will quickly find yourself in love with a new extreme sport.

Snowboarding in the Swiss Alps

Still craving some fresh powder? For the ultimate snowy getaway, head to St. Moritz. This skiing hotspot has a reliable and consistent stream of snow so you’ll never be disappointed by the weather. On top of that, they have the picturesque scenery that you’d expect to find on a Christmas card. Get your fill of snowboarding and skiing then relax while you take in the gorgeous mountain and lake view.

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Arctic Surfing in Unstad, Norway

Who cares about surfing on some tropical beach? If you are looking to take your love of extreme sports to the next level, try arctic surfing. Visit the world’s most northerly surf school on the Norwegian island of Unstad in the North Atlantic Ocean where the water temps range between 7-9C. Rather than looking at the same old yellow sand, you can roam the wild, rugged coastline for the adventure of a lifetime.

White Water Rafting in Tasmania, Australia

For the best white water rafting in the world, head to the Franklin River in the southwest area of Tasmania. Take a week-long trip through the nearly 80 miles of untamed wilderness and paddle through the grade-four rapids while taking in the surrounding gorges, rainforest and waterfalls.

Free Diving with the Sharks in Roatan Island, Honduras

Bored with all the normal extreme sports? There’s an island of the coast of Honduras that has your next adventure. Join professional divers from around the world for some of the most amazing stretches of water you’ll ever see. Ditch the scuba gear and go free diving with sharks that haunt the entire coastline of the island.



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