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Saint Patrick’s Day is upon us once more. So put on your green t-shirt, grab a pint of Guinness and head to the streets of these incredible cities around the world to celebrate St. Paddy’s Day the right way:

Dublin, Ireland

It isn’t hard to guess why Dublin is the best place to celebrate Saint Patrick’s Day. A full four-day celebration, a wild parade, and endless pints of Guinness are just some of the things that make Dublin the premier spot for honoring Ireland’s patron saint. So pack your bags and go paint the town green!

saint patricks day dublin photo
Photo by Tony Kinlan

New York City, USA

Home to one of the largest Irish expat communities, St. Paddy’s Day in New York is one of the wildest nights in the city. Its parade draws millions of spectators and you can hang out in one of the city’s many pubs as the sun goes down. And don’t forget to wear something green – it’s tradition to pinch anyone who doesn’t honor the day with the appropriate get-up.

saint patricks day parade new york photo
Photo by ses7

Montserrat, British West Indies

This idyllic island in the British West Indies was actually founded by Irish refugees who moved from neighboring Saint Kitts and Nevis. So, of course, the Saint Patrick’s Day tradition is strong here. Toast to the Irish patron saint with a pint of Guinness and enjoy the summer sun while you’re at it.

paddys day montserrat photo
Photo by jtrant

Montreal, Quebec, Canada

Montreal is in the heart of French Quebec, but the Saint Paddy’s Day celebrations are taken seriously here. The lively parade goes on rain or shine and awesome Irish pubs like McKibbin’s and Ye Olde Orchard Pub are perfect to end your evening just right.

paddys day montreal photo
Photo by The Montreal Buzz

Boston, USA

The Irish heritage is obvious in this American town. Enjoy the traditional South Boston St. Patrick’s Day parade and then end your night in one of the many pubs around town.

saint patricks day boston photo
Photo by James Byrum

Buenos Aires, Argentina

Any excuse is a good excuse for a street party in Argentina. And St. Patrick’s Day is no exception. Enjoy the carnival, great music and have some fun in a traditional Gaelic game of hurling!

paddys day argentina photo
Photo by Liam Cheasty

Chicago, Illinois, USA

If Ireland is the Emerald Isle, then Chicago is the Emerald City – at least on St. Patrick’s Day. Every year, in March, the Journeymen Plumbers famously dye the Chicago River bright green in honor of Ireland’s patron saint. Some buildings even light up in the color too. On the day of, enjoy one of the biggest parades in the US that stretches from Columbus Drive all the way through Grant Park.

chicago river green photo
Photo by PeteTsai

Sydney, Australia

If you want to enjoy your Paddy’s Day in warmer weather, you’ll have to go down under. And you won’t be disappointed! On the 17th, parades and parties take place all over Sydney and practically the whole town goes green (yes, that includes the Opera House!).

sydney opera house green photo
Photo by Suburban_Jogger

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