Best Places in Phuket, Thailand

Phuket is one of Thailand’s largest islands, stretching almost 50km in length. The island offers up a huge variety of beach resorts which vary from crowded to deserted, high-end to budget, and family-friendly to single’s paradise. So here are some of the best places on Phuket that you will enjoy depending on the type of holiday you’re planning:


Best for: Partying.

Patong is Phuket’s busiest tourism hub and one of its largest cities. With an electric nightlife scene, a variety of quality restaurants, massive shopping centers and traditional Thai street markets, Patong is a shopper’s paradise by day and a party animal’s dream by night. And you will either love it or hate it: while some consider the city to be extremely loud and hectic, others love the perfect blend of action and relaxation that only Patong can offer on the island.

patong party photo
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Best for: A family holiday.

With white sandy beaches and crystal clear waters, Kata seems like heaven on earth for just about any visitor. But this small coastal town just 10km from Patong is especially tailored to families. Its laidback nightlife is nothing like that of Patong’s, catering more to couples and families as opposed to single men (or men in general). The two beaches (Kata Yai and Kata Noi) are excellent for swimming and the town’s easy-going vibe makes this one of the best spots in Phuket to bring your little ones along.

kata beach photo
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Nai Yang

Best for: Quiet R&R time.

If you are looking to avoid the crowds completely and relax to the extreme, this little known beach just 5 minutes from the airport is where you need to go. Fringed with lovely casuarina trees, the white sandy beach is lined with small shops, beach massage parlors, and some restaurants. Because it isn’t easily accessible from the main road, you will find very few tourists making this the ideal spot for you to truly relax.

nai yang beach photo
Photo by Andy_Mitchell_UK


Best for: A luxurious holiday.

Also known as “Millionaire Row”, Surin’s beautiful beaches, high-class resorts and scenic views have gained it a reputation for being one of Phuket’s most exclusive spots. Although this is quite a popular beach among tourists, Surin still maintains its laidback coastal village vibe and combines it effortlessly with its high-end restaurants and wine bars.

surin beach photo
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Best for: Island hopping.

Near Phuket’s southern tip, Rawai is also one of the island’s more serene spots. Its beach is not ideal for swimming but the town offers some delicious restaurants and bars serving up fresh and locally-caught seafood. The reason you should really stay in Rawai, however, is that the beach is the main departure point for island trips on traditional Thai long tail boats.

rawai beach photo
Photo by Dawn in Phuket, Thailand

Phuket Town

Best for: History lovers.

If you’re coming to Phuket, you’re definitely looking to spend your holiday relaxing on a white sandy beach. And that may mean that Phuket Town won’t be on your itinerary – but it should be! Although not located on the coast, Phuket Town features a beautiful mix of Thai and colonial architecture and an authentic Thai charm not easily found elsewhere on the island. Plus, when the days get too hot, the beach is just a short drive away.

phuket town photo
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