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The immense and breath taking Black Forest is a wooded mountain range based in south western Germany. The region is almost rectangular in shape and covers a space 200km long and 60km wide. The highest peak within the forest is that of the Felberg which stands at 1493 metres.

The range is dubbed the Black Forest because of the sheer amount of dense conifers that grow within its limits, blacking out a lot of the daylight in places.

Black Forest photo
Black Forest, Germany

The Black Forest offers plenty to the visiting tourist and there are several old towns to be explored. A main motorway runs through the region but there are also smaller roads off it for a more scenic route. If you have rented a car, you can spend a long time just exploring and moving from town to town.

Throughout the forest, there are many reopened mines from when the area boasted a rich mining industry. You will find some of these mines in the Kinzig Valley, the Suggental and around Todtmoos.

The region is quite famous for lending its name to the cherry cake enjoyed all over the world, the key ingredient being Kirsch – a colorless fruit brandy. The region is also famous for its Black Forest which is a delicious smoked cut of the thigh or rump from pigs and boar. The Black Forest is quite famous for its long tradition in gourmet cuisine (there are 17 Michelin starred restaurants!) so make sure you check it out on your way through!

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  1. This is what we call real nature. I don’t care if the color was edited but still, this place is very beautiful.

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