Bohemian Paradise – protected landscape area with beautiful rocks and mountains | Czech Republic

Bohemian Paradise (or Český ráj in Czech) has been a very popular travel destination for over 100 years, being given its name in the 19th century in honour of its incredibly beautiful landscape of rocks and mountains, peppered with exquisite chateaus and imposing castles.

Like a cross between something from a fairytale and a geology documentary, Bohemian Paradise is a great place to explore for the views, the history, and if you prefer your holidays on the active side, there are plenty of good places for hiking, cycling and even cross country skiing.

Bohemian Paradise photo
Photo by alpinfoto

Bohemian Paradise, The Czech Republic

For some spectacular views and photographs, check out some of the incredible rock formations in Bohemian Paradise, such as the Apolena Rocks which are massive towers of solid sandstone, and home to many rock nesting birds and eleven different types of bat, or the Prachovské Rocks, a big favourite among tourists, which look almost like sculptures formed of colossal rock formations.

Rocks in the Czech Paradise photo
Photo by ๑۩๑ V ๑۩๑

Rocks in the Czech Paradise National Park

As well as the attractions built by nature, Bohemian Paradise is full of man made beauty as well, with dozens of castles and chateaus that you can visit and explore.

Trails Czech Paradise photo
Photo by Marcus Povey

Trails within Czech National Park

These include everything from mediaeval through to Baroque architectural styles, so in the same day you can see the renaissance style of Mnichovo Hradiště Chateau and also take in the castle ruins of Frýdštejn, which has been uninhabited since the 1550s.

Ruins of Trosky Castle photo
Photo by Bubák

Ruins of Trosky Castle, Czech Paradise National Park

Whether you want to see well preserved Gothic buildings or the ruins of castles built into cave walls, Bohemian Paradise has one of the richest collections of castles of anywhere in the world.

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      This Bohemian Paradise is one of the best natural attractions in Czech Republic. However there are much more similar rocky mountains throughout the country.