Boyard fortress – the filming location for the TV gameshow

Boyard fortress is the most common visitor choice in France. If you are a visitor and if you are thinking of visiting some most beautiful places in France then the best choice will be Boyard fortress.

The Boyard fortress is a very well-known fort that located in middle of Île-d’Aix and Île d’Oléron. Or in a word it is located on the west coast of France. It is also known as the filming location for the TV game show.

Boyard fortress is about 80 meters long and 40 meters wide. The average height of the walls is about 20 meters. The ground floor of the fort is provided for stores while the quarters are for officers.

The yard is in the center of the fort which really increases the beauty of the Boyard fortress and it also shows the intelligence of the architecture. Again the fort placement in water also has great view.

Photo by camera1739

Fort Boyard, France

Though we are now considering the fort for visiting but it has the real importance in previous days of French history as the real purpose of it was the war and arms.

The idea to build such a fort has been set between 1661 and 1667 in the time of building up French armed forces. However it was not a normal and easy way to complete the full project and it took too long, finally completed in 1857.

Like all the other forts in the history, it has also too many well written importance and great value for the people of France and you will come to know about them by visiting.

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