Bremen – one of the most important cities in Germany

GermanyGermanyGermanThe city of Bremen used to be a member of the medieval Hanseatic League and this very day the city is still known to be one of the most important cities in Germany. The city of Bremen is actually located in the northern part of Germany.

The history of Bremen dates all the way back to 1200 years ago. For most of the existence of the city it was its own state. The city of Bremen has an unusual shape; being that it is long and narrow. Running along either side of the city is the Weser River.

It stretches to about 10 km along the North West and the south east sides of it. However, going across, the city is only 2 km. The entire city is flat and there are no elevations in the land.

Entering the city from different parts of the world you will land at the Bremen airport which is located south west of the city. The flights will take visitors to other areas of Germany and to many other destinations as well. The airport is rather easy to access through public transportation. Tram line 6 will take about 10 minutes to get travelers to the center of the city.

BREMEN photo
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Natural view of Bremen

Besides the tram, it is possible to also take a bus, and you can expect the starting prices to start out at €7.50 for a one-way ticket. The bus will depart from the Bremen Central bus station which is located right next to the train station.

The services that connect Bremen and Germany operate throughout various different times during the day. There are total of two trains that run to and from Hamburg each hour. In the west locations of the town the trains will run throughout various towns including Delmenhorst, Oldenburg, and Frisian islands. There are two other trains in Bremen that run throughout the peripheral locations of Bremen. These trains generally run 2 times an hour.

What is there to do in Bremen?

After reading the above you might be more interested in what all there is to do in Bremen. There are plenty of attractions and activities that you can take part in during your visit in Bremen. Below are just a few of the many suggestions of places that you can go visit.

Bremen Town Hall

Bremen town hall is known to be a big part of history of Bremen. It is a great place to visit to see the architecture from when it was built during the 1400’s. It is known to be the seat of the president and the mayor. You can go and tour the rooms there, as well as eat some good food!


Markplatz is area in Bremen where there are lots of historical buildings. Here you will also be able to get a view of the statue of the Bremen town Musicians. There are some great surrounding markets where you would be able to get a bite to eat; some coffee and cake perhaps.

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