Buenos Aires – enjoy some of the most awe-inspiring views

When most people think about vacationing in another country, they think of Europe, the Mediterranean or even Asia. However, one destination hot spot that is all too often overlooked is found in South America.

Buenos Aires which is found in Argentina offers some of the most awe-inspiring views. It features a very unique ecosystem and it is the gateway to all that Argentina has to offer. It also has a strong European influence such as Italian, German and Spanish. It is also the home to the infamous dance, the tango.

While vacationing in Buenos Aires, you should take the time to plan a trip to see the Iguazu Falls. There are a total of 275 falls in all and the lush green views can take your breath away. Located right along the edge of where Brazil and Argentina meet, you will find the tropical rainforest backdrop to be more than you could have ever imagined.

Buenos Aires photo
Photo by luispotes

Next, you do not want to forget to plan a day trip to Patagonia. Sure you can reach this destination by air, but nothing beats traveling across the land. All of the sights that you will see along the way make it worth the time and effort.

For colorful festivals, amazing spirit and a rich heritage that spans centuries, Buenos Aires is truly an amazing destination which is all too often overlooked. If you want to do something exciting, adventurous and relaxing, then only South America can offer you all of this in one location.

Take your time and see as much of this city as you can before you have to go back home and get back to the mundane daily lives you so desire to escape from. But make sure to make as many memories as you possibly can while you are in Buenos Aires, Argentina.

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