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The medieval castle known as Burg Eltz is considered to be one of the most beautiful castles of this time period. This particular castle is a total of 850 years old and it is tucked away in the hills overlooking the Moselle River which is located in the middle of Trier and Koblenz, Germany.

The Burg Eltz castle is one of the very few castles along the Rhine which have not been destroyed over the years, making it a truly unique and amazing castle overall.

The castle is separated into two different parts which each belong to a different family or part of a family. This is the result of laws which existed around the time of the Holy Roman Empire.

Each year many people come to visit this castle because of its undeniable beauty and the fact that it has a lot of history behind it. Tours for the Burg Eltz castle cost as little as 6 Euros and it is well worth it for many people who are interested in seeing a genuine 15th century medieval castle.

Eltz Castle photo
Photo by Deerfield2008

Eltz Castle, Germany

This castle is surrounded by the Elzbach River which is a tributary that is located on the northern end of the Moselle. There are eight towers in this castle which make up the family portion.

The castle itself has over 100 different rooms which the family of the owners’ lived in. Those who are interested in seeing a castle which they will never forget will certainly need to consider visiting Burg Eltz castle.

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