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Cabo da Roca is the westernmost point of continental Europe and is marked by a 144 metre high lighthouse. There is a crucifix monument close to the lighthouse which holds the famous plaque that states ‘Here… Where the land ends and the sea begins’.

Found at the edge of Sintra mountain, there is a 140 metre plunge down to the sea from where the lighthouse stands. All in all, it’s a popular photo opportunity for tourists and the locals haven’t missed a trick in setting up a gift shop right next to the lighthouse. Within the shop, you can buy a certificate that proves you have visited the westernmost point of Europe.

Cabo da Roca photo
Photo by tunante80

Cabo da Roca, Portugal

Cabo da Roca is part of the Sintra/Cascais Nature Reserve which covers 14.5 hectares and also includes the tiny hilltop village of Azenhas do Mar. Once you have fully explored the lighthouse, monument and surroundings at Cabo da Roca, Azenhas do Mar is the next place you should head. The valley in which it sits is delightfully picturesque and the houses in the village are mostly white, seeming almost to cling to the hillside. The village features a tiny beach and a rock seawater pool that fills up at high tide. There are no lifeguards at the pool and it can be a little dicey so it’s only advisable for strong swimmers.

It’s a remarkable area with plenty to be discovered and, even better, it is relatively low on tourist footfall so you won’t find anywhere too overrun.


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