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Caldas da Rainha is a busy little market town that has become a popular tourist hot spot over the years. Located along the coast of Portugal, the city is home to some of the finest golden beaches in Portugal. It is only an hour’s drive to Caldas da Rainha from Lisbon which makes it a popular choice for many locals too.

Perhaps the biggest reason that Caldas da Rainha has become so popular has to do with its sulfur-rich water and not so much for its beaches. Since the 15th century, people have been making their way to the natural hot springs in and around the town. It was Queen Leonor who was said to have first discovered these hot springs.

Today, anyone who visits Caldas da Rainha has many options to choose from to keep them busy all day long. There are water sports a plenty, hand- gliding and ballooning. There is horseback riding and jet skiing. There are many fine golf courses in and around the city too.

You can check out the nearby town of Alcobaça which is a medieval time that is home to the largest cathedral and monastery in the country. The monastery complex was built back in 1153 and today is listed as a UNESCCO heritage site. Then of course there is the beautiful Dominican monastery which is located in Batalha. But you cannot leave the area without stopping by and seeing the walled city of Óbidos that was built at the start of the 12th century and still stands almost entirely intact today.

From the beaches to the hot springs, there is so much to see and do when you choose to visit Caldas da Rainha. While here, you will never be able to run out of things to keep you busy.

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