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Rouen Cathedral and the Series of Paintings


Rouen cathedral is described as a gothic marvel whose location is in northwestern France. Currently, this seat belonging to the […]

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Avignon – the City of Pope


Avignon is one of the most popular communes in France. More specifically it is located in the southeastern part of […]

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Nice Seafront, France

Great Cruise Holidays Including Trips To Marseille, Montpellier And Nice


Great cruise holidays can be found all over the world, from the Caribbean to Antarctica, but some of the best […]

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Chartres Cathedral, France

Chartres Cathedral – great Romanesque cathedral close to Paris


The cathedral’s oldest areas are situated in the crypt, which is a 33.55 meter deep Celtric well. During the middle […]

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Reims Cathedral – one of the examples of Gothic arts


Reims Cathedral (Cathédrale Notre-Dame de Reims) has been constructed from 1211 to 1516, and this was according to the architectural […]

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Arc de Triomph, Paris, France

Paris – a leading cultural centre and destination hot spot


Paris, France is a leading business hub in the world, but it is also a leading cultural centre and destination […]

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Aerial view of the Palace of Versailles, France

Palace of Versailles – one of the French symbols


Palace of Versailles (Chateau de Versailles) is among the buildings that enjoy most recognition, globally, and it has been utilized […]

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Château de Chenonceau – unique Royal residence near Chenonceaux


Château de Chenonceau spans the River Cher. It also casts a magnificent reflection on waters that below. Some people refer […]

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Amiens Cathedral – the largest cathedral in France


Amiens Cathedral is located in France, and is the country’s largest cathedral, and the tallest among the gothic churches. This […]

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Château de Chantilly, France

Château de Chantilly – one of the best known sights in France


Château de Chantilly is a historic sight situated in Chantilly, France. Grand Château is one of the attached buildings, and […]

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