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Île de la Cité – natural island in a medieval centre of Paris


Île de la Cité is a French natural island. However France boasts several islands this island is different. It is […]

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Champagne region – the king of sparkling wines


If you visit Champagne region in France you will certainly experience many a celebration, whether it will be a sophisticated […]

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Golf of Ajaccio, Corsica, France

Ajaccio – capital of Corsica and birthplace of Napoleon Bonaparte


Ajaccio is a city located in Corsica, and this is not just a typical commune of the island. It is […]

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Fort Boyard on the west coast of France

Boyard fortress – the filming location for the TV gameshow


Boyard fortress is the most common visitor choice in France. If you are a visitor and if you are thinking […]

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La Cave de L’Ange Gardien – taste great French wines


La Cave de L’Ange Gardien translates to the Guardian Angel’s Cavern, who’d knew a mystic name would turn out to […]

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Amiens with the largest Gothic cathedral in France


Amiens is a city located in the middle of the Somme valley. Throughout the whole valley you can find numerous […]

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Cannes – home to the most famous film festival in Europe


The famous Cannes, the city of that famous film festival, really does not need a long introduction. If you want […]

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Paris, sunset panorama from top of Notre Dame cathedral, France

Paris – the world’s most visited city and one of the most beautiful ones


One of the most beautiful cities in Europe and also in the world is definitely Paris, the capital and most […]

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Toulouse – The Pink City | France


The fourth largest city in France, Toulouse is often looked over by tourists. However it is a truly lovely place […]

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The Louvre – the most visited art museum in the world | France


As far as tourist attractions in Paris go, the Louvre is right up there with the Eiffel Tower. The most […]

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