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The site of the very first Winter Olympic Games in 1924, Chamonix is a brilliant place to visit for winter sports. It is located just few steps from Mount-Blanc mountain in France.

If you are an enthusiastic skier, this resort is perfect for you. The vallée blanche is perfect for confident skiers; if you can ski comfortably on red routes you should be okay.

The Brevent and la Flegere are best for those who are reasonably confident to those who are extremely confident, and these are the easiest to get to from the centre of town — either a shuttle from a multitude of drop-off points or a short walk to the ski lift at le Brevent.

Chamonix photo

Chamonix, France

However if you’re more interested in skiing with your kids, Les Houches is the best family resort. It has the best low-altitude conditions and is the only ski area with slopes below the treeline.

For completely beginners, Le Tour at the far end of the valley should be your destination; it has many easier slopes and most slopes are in the sun so you don’t get too cold.

There’s not just skiing, though. You can also go mountaineering on Mont-Blanc, hiking on the peaks (which is the perfect way to get utterly amazing views) or just relax and enjoy the beautiful scenery.

There are a number of good restaurants offering regional specialities such as raclette, croute savoyarde and tartiflette, as well as places offering burgers and Japanese food. As for where to sleep, the range of hotels, lodges and campsites is extensive.

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Photo by Daniele Sartori


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  1. I love Chamonix, great place for snowboarding, been at least three times… bit steep in places but a great ski or snowboard resort with fantastic night life, could be a bit cheaper but that’s the Euro for you!

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