Château d’Azay-le-Rideau

Chateau D`Azay-le-Rideau is not large and less ostentatious compared to many other castles. This contrast makes it to be interesting. The castle was constructed from 1518-1527, and this castle is among Loire castle’s earliest examples that were constructed according to French’s Renaissance style.
The site was inherited by Gilles Berthelot’s wife. By that time, a fortified castle was already in place in this location that appeared to be tranquil. From there, Mme Berthelot started working on rebuilding and renovating the castle.

When the castle was finished, Berthelot was charged by King François I for embezzlement of public funds, and the castle was seized and presented to an army officer who was senior. Various owners took up the castle over the centuries that followed. In the twentieth century, it was bought, renovated, and before it was opened to members of the public, it was furnished. It is now one of the listed national Monuments.

The Castle located at Azay-le-Rideau is one that faces across a river to the south. Considering the side from which most photographs are taken, it is most attractive from gardens that are situated on the river’s other side. Since the castle is set on the island, and at Indre’s middle part, Chateau Azay-le-Rideau appears to be rising straight out of the river’s waters. This makes this Chateau to look like it is floating in its image. The striking settings makes the castle to among the chateaux that enjoy most popularity.

Entirely, with the west wing included, the shape that the castle forms is that of an ‘L’ and each corner features a substantial tower. The castle’s predominant architectural style has its base as the ideas that were copied from the building style belonging to the Italian Renaissance. However, the conical roof, and the roof style that is seen on the towers features a style that is more French in origin.

The aspect of the visit that is most memorable is the entire exterior appearance, and the settings. The inside is impressive as well, and it has a number of rooms which are lavishly furnished on a scale that is manageable unlike with the Loire castles that are larger.
The staircase is described as the individual highlight that is most important is the setting of this staircase, and is within the walls of the castle, and they feature a façade that is richly decorated. It faces the interior ‘courtyard’ which is formed by L, although it opens to the elements. The ceiling decoration which is finely decorated is a particular aspect of the staircase that you cannot fail to notice.

With regard to the park and gardens, the gardens that are present in the castle are said to have been designed during the 19th century, and the designer was Biencourts. He created a landscaped park that was large, featuring the English style. A water mirror is created by the river to the west and south. This water mirror reflects the facades, and this creates a tableau that is beautiful.

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