Château de Chambord In Loire valley – 440 room castle

In Loire valley, Château de Chambord appears to be the largest residence, and its design originated from Leonardo da Vinci. This 440 room castle started being constructed in 1519 up to 1685. The one who eventually completed constructing it is Louis XIV. The castle passed through many hands to an extent that at one point, it was utilized as the field hospital as the Franco-Prussian war took place. Château de Chambord was used as the hiding place for Louvre art collection during World War II. Currently, it is open to member of public although it belongs to the French government.

If you are planning to visit Château de Chambord it is to your advantage when you have as much details, as you can access. For example, it is possible for you to enjoy the castle’s view from terraces on rooftops. When you climb the rooftops, you will have a chance to view the Closson River, and the surrounding country side. The rooftop terraces are also great when you want to have a better view of the architectural features which are intricate. It includes miniature spires, a mosaic slate roof, shell-shaped domes, elongated chimneys, and sculpted gables. From this vintage, those who visited the castle would watch the military exercises and the hunting parties as they returned.

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Château de Chambord, Chambord, France

Climbing the Grand staircase is the other exceptional experience. The Grand staircase has a design whose origin is Leonardo da Vinci, even if this has never been confirmed. This design features a double helix and this provides a staircases that are separate and they are used as one goes up or down. The design enables people to transverse the stairs and in opposite directions and there are no chances of them meeting.

Chateau de Chambord gives the chance to visit the vaulted guardrooms. The rooms were meant for hosting royal banquets as well as dramatic plays. The rooms are the ones that form the Greek cross that surrounds the Grand staircase. Ornately decoration that features Francois I’s initials and the salamander motif that was his favorite can be seen on the vaulted ceilings.

The royal apartments are a great section to tour. Owing to the restoration that has been done on the royal apartments, they provide an impressive collection made up of period artwork, and furniture. This collection is made up of pieces that exceed 4.500 in number. The apartments also feature collections that are among the most beautiful ones that are associated with tapestries in France.

With regard to exploration of the surrounding areas, 13,000 acre that includes a game reserve and wooden park surround this Chateau. It is also enclosed by a wall measuring 20 miles. This park is great for visitors whose intention is to experience a part of the beautiful country side in France as they explore the hiking trails. The visitors can also enjoy a picnic lunch at the same time. In addition to enjoying the view of the local world life, visitors can also have a view of the exterior of this Chateau.

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