Château de Chenonceau – unique Royal residence near Chenonceaux

Château de Chenonceau spans the River Cher. It also casts a magnificent reflection on waters that below. Some people refer to it as Chateau de Dames because most of the architectural design and elegance can be traced back to the talents in “ladies of the house”. While the interiors are luxurious, the exteriors are striking in living colours.

Although this Chateau has survived a history that is tumultuous, the current one does not really resemble its earliest predecessor that existed in the 11th century. The later Chateau which came to adopt this name in the 13th and 14th century at the time when the Marques’ built and owned a second incarnation, failed to survive.

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Château de Chenonceau – La tour des Marques

During the 16th century when the 14th century Marques has been destroyed by the French government, what came into being resembles the magnificent and splendor of Chateau de Chenonceau that is seen today.

In 1515, one of the ladies, Catherine Briconnet oversaw the then Chateau that was regarded as new, to complete construction. She was responsible for the greatest part of the design with regard to what is seen today. The completion of the main castle was during her tenure.

After Versailles, Chateau de Chenonceau is French that is second in terms of the number of visitors that it receives. In addition to visiting the castle, it provides a wide range of services and activities. This includes gastronomic restaurant l’Orangerie, a tea room, a buffet restaurant, a ladies’ gallery, and sailing by use of small boats in summer months. There is also the vegetable garden, the flower workshop, and a farm belonging to the 16th century. The flower workshop features incredible flowers displays.

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For the past 30 years, this Chateau has been an art representative that is strong. Recently, the castle housed some of the collections belonging to Unesco, and this way, it offered a contemporary testimony, with regard to its humanist commitment.

With time, Chenonceau has become an exceptional site through its destiny; loved, built, protected, and governed by women and these women have marked History. In every place, the feminine imprint can be seen, and safeguards this Chateau from wars and conflicts, and this makes it a haven that is associated with serenity, and peace.

Chenonceau has the intention of sharing its commitment for peace with the visitors regardless of their origin, especially when they come for Christian Cerebrations.

From the 8th day of December to January 3rd, Chenonceau is expected to be radiant in gold and white. The castle will be transformed into a symbol of harmony by making it a ladies’ Chateau. This will be possible by having angels, doves, bouquets, fir trees, symbols as well as messages of peace written in every language.

The universal message which is of peace places beauty and gentleness at the heart. The aim is to have Chenonceau remain a chateau made up of noble minds as usual.

For 19thand 26th December weekends, a musical quartet will be present. it will also be present on 2nd January in the afternoon and will entertain the visitors with Christmas carols that are traditional.

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