Chatham – a unique natural setting on the shores of Massachusetts

The town of Chatham is located in Barnstable County, Massachusetts. This county is incorporated within the Cape Cod region of the state. The Cape Cod peninsula is the easternmost portion of the state, it holds many interesting communities and it is a very beautiful place to visit. The natural beauty of this place and the numerous interesting attractions located there has turned it into one of the most favorable summer colonies within the state of Massachusetts. And this particular town is one of the most scenic destinations within the region. It is home to wildlife refuges and other beautiful natural areas. When you visit this town you will have the chance to enjoy a number of outdoor activities and you will be able to explore many pristine natural areas. The town of Chatham is also famous for its numerous historic and cultural attractions. This is a community which is rich in artistic and cultural heritage. There are art galleries which you will be able to explore there, there are museums, art centers and many other cultural sites. You will also find plenty of great vacation rentals at this popular vacation spot, as well as many other amenities and facilities that will make your vacation there enjoyable.

Chatham Lighthouse Massachusetts photo
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Chatham Lighthouse, Massachusetts, USA

Among the historic attractions of this community is the famous Chatham Light. This is a historic lighthouse which is a symbolic landmark of this community. You can also visit the Atwood House and Museum that is a fascinating historic estate which holds interesting exhibits. Old Godfrey Windmill is also an interesting historical monument which you should visit. As for the museums, there are several interesting ones within the town. The Railroad Museum of this town is one of the most popular transportation museums in the region.

The museums are not the only cultural facilities within the town of Chatham. There are also numerous art galleries which you can explore there. Some of the most reputable art galleries of Cape Cod are located within this town. There are contemporary and historic exhibitions within the local galleries and you will definitely enjoy exploring these remarkable places. There are also other cultural facilities such as the local drama guild which you can also explore. A visit to the historic Monomoy Theater is also a must, since there are many interesting performances which are held in this theater.

Chatham Beach Massachusetts photo
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Chatham Beach, Massachusetts, USA

When you are spending a vacation at the town of Chatham you will also have the chance to explore the Monomoy National Wildlife Refuge. This refuge lies on Monomoy Island, which is a scenic sand spit that stretches from this town. The island is about 8 miles long and within those miles there are many diverse animal species and exotic birds. There are nature trails which you will be able to explore on this scenic wildlife refuge and the exotic animals that you can witness there are rare and endangered. There are other places where you will enjoy scenic views at this town, there is for instance a scenic pier which offers panoramic vistas.

When you are in Chatham you will also be able to explore many interesting neighboring communities. The towns and villages within Cape Cod are all fascinating destinations and they all hold amazing attractions. Along the Cape you will also find scenic beaches, pristine natural areas and there are many other natural attractions which you can explore. This destination is also a premier spot for pleasure boating and other water related activities. You can rent kayaks and canoes and paddle along the coast and there are also scenic ferry cruises which you can undertake.

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