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The Chester Cathedral was built in 1092 as a monastery. During the year 1541 the Chester Cathedral went on to be reconstructed as a Cathedral. The building showcases a rich and great heritage, visiting this place shows a varied of monks, kings and even craftsmen.

With its extraordinary feel of mixture of new and old there’s pretty much something for everyone to enjoy. The Chester Cathedral can be looked upon as being a national treasure that is located right in the city centre.

The Chester Cathedral is known to be the mother church of the Church of England Diocese of Chester.

The cathedral is located in the city of Chester, Cheshire, England and used to be formally known as the St. Werburgh’s abbey church of Benedictine Monastery, which is dedicated to Christ and the Virgin Mary.


The Bishop of Chester has been the seat from all the way back from 1541 for the centre of worshipping, administration, ceremonies and even music for the city.

The listing of this Cathedral is Grade I and because of its heritage it’s become a heritage site that includes many different monastic buildings to the north.

During the years the English cathedral has been modified many times from the dates beginning 1093 all the way early as the 16th century. With the present building all the major styles of the designs have been represented such as the English medieval architecture.

During the 19th century the building of the cathedral and monastic have been restored extensively and can be seen today as a major tourist attraction in the middle of Chester.

The city has its historical culture and is showcased throughout the city. During its history the city of Chester was an important Roman stronghold, the cathedral has a east-west axis, just like many cathedrals it’s very common to have a east-west axis.

The cathedral was also built of new red sandstone which leads into its detail craving and design. In the interior of the Chester Cathedral gives a warm and very mellow appearance because of the pinkish color of the sandstone the proportions seem very spacious.


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