Costa Calida – 250 kms along the Murcian coastline

Otherwise referred as La Manga, Costa Calida stretches 250 kms along the Murcian coastline from Carolina beach in Aquilas to Alicante beach situated on south east parts of Spain. This Spanish coast is actually shared between two seas which are the world’s natural pool known as Mar Menor and the beautiful Mediterranean sea.

These two seas are suitable for any kind of water sporting activities you may think of and have beautiful and excellent sandy beaches. The two popular cities in Costa Calida are Cartagena and Murcia. The Costa boasts of renowned archaeological treasures such as modernist buildings, interesting museums and the famous Roman theatre. The history of this harbor city dates more than 3000 years ago.

The most popular water sports resort in Costa Calida is Los Alcazares with beaches measuring more than 7 kms. Another seafaring resort found here is the beautiful Aquilas resort which provides great holidays experiences with its more than 34 kilometers beautiful coastline that has many and different tourist facilities. There are many attractions and things to do and see in Costa Calida as it provides travelers with great opportunities of enjoying themselves. For instance, one can visit nature parks, skin diving and sailing in the sea, experiencing the popular sunken ship, the unspoiled beautiful coves and calm pains and aches.

Photo by marathoniano

For people who are great lovers of natural beauty, the Mar Menor in Murcia is the place to be. This natural pool measures 170 square kilometers comprising of shallow lagoons in warm sea waters and numerous water sporting facilities and hotels. It offers a perfect destination for training in the wide range of water sports available. Rated as one of the top sites for skin diving in Spain, Cabo de Palos in Costa Calida is also a place worthy a visit. The Las Salinans park is the most popular wetland in Costa Calida, situated in Murcia and is definitely a must visit area. It has a wonderful environment comprising of pine trees, fine sandy beaches and perfect dunes.

Costa Calida is also a rich destination for art and culture especially when it comes to museums. This Costa is home to some of the most interesting museums in Spain starting with the Archeology municipal museum of Cartagena. This museum houses interesting objects and other collections of Bronze Age. There is also the Underwater Archaeology National Museum housing amphoras and objects used in ancient times in the Iberian Peninsula. The La Union Mining Museum exhibits the 19th century mineral extraction in the Murcian mines.

Shopping in Costa Calida can be done at Calle Capitanes Ripoll which is definitely worthy a visit. Here, you can shop for different handcrafts selections made locally. You will also enjoy the experience of learning how glass, clay, esparto-grass and cloth in the area are handcrafted. Costa Calida also has a very wonderful weather characterized by hot summers and mild winters. With 315 sunshine days in the area, the average annual temperature is about 17 C, perfect for any kind of holiday vacation in the area.

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