Costa da Morte – traditional Spanish towns, white sandy beaches, a popular surfing destination

Costa da Morte stretches along the northeast sides of Galicia. This coast is characterized by a varied geographical landscape, traditional towns, white sandy beaches and rugged rocks. Most people who travel here are interested in water sporting activities. However, when its name is translated, it means the coast of death although this should not scare you off from travelling this wonderful coast.

The origin of its name, ‘coast of death’, a name that it was given due to the numerous ship wrecks that have been occurring at the shores of the coast since time in memorial. The coastline is relatively dangerous compared to other coasts in Spain owing to the fact that it is exposed to Atlantic Ocean directly. On other hand, the numerous surfers in Costa da Morte have been taking this as an advantage which has made the area a popular surfing destination.

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Costa da Morte

There are various traditional towns in Galicia which surrounds Costa da Morte such as Monte Louro, Corcubicion, Camota, Muxia, Cee, Fiesterra, Laxe, Camarina, Caion and Malpica among others. The picturesque backdrop and quaint charm are some of the aspects that make all these towns in Costa da Morte top travel areas. The coast also boasts of fantastic beaches full of grand wealth that are suitable for sun bathers and other sport enthusiasts.

Commonly referred to as Arteixo, Valcobo beach is one of the best in Costa da Morte and it is sufficiently equipped with restaurants and bars, ample parking space and life guard services are available. Due to its classic camping facilities, it is one of the most famous family beaches in Spain. Soesto beach is a hot spot beach especially for surfers in the region owning to its large and extending which sandy coastline. In fact, most people call it paradise and is surrounded by the cute breathtaking natural mountains and forests.

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Costa da Morte – Cabo Vilán, Camariñas – Spain

Back dropped by mountains, Carnota beach has crystal clear blue waters and white sand on the beach. It makes one of the best relaxation beaches in the area. Laxe beach is also a very beautiful location in Costa da Morte and is located in the proximity of a fishing port in the locality. It is well equipped, has clear cool waters and the best place to be for a perfect afternoon stroll on the beach. Maior beach is set in amazingly beautiful and picturesque surroundings and it is essentially the largest beach and a highly popular one in Malpica. It provides a fantastic platform to enjoy views of the close islands.

With such highlights, there is no doubt that Costa da Morte is home to beautiful beaches that will surely not disappoint you during your holiday vacation to this place. Costa da Morte features a lush vegetation, mountains and cliffs that avails one of the most exciting picturesque settings in Spain due to its wonderful coastline. Regardless of your reasons for taking a holiday, you can rest assured that Costa da Morte will fulfill your desires for a perfect holiday. You can practice sports, relax on the inviting shore or just enjoy viewing the surroundings of the coast.

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