Costa de Cantabria – one of the most historical and ancient areas in Spain

Costa de Cantabria in Spain is one of the most historical and ancient areas in Spain. This Spanish Costa is situated in the northern regions of Spain but this area has been largely ignored tourism which makes one of the hidden treasures in Spain. With regions weather being highly unpredictable, Costa de Cantabria has a diverse landscape and it is a hot tourism spot for tourists that enjoy cultural breaks, rugged and attractive natural coastlines and rural tourism. For such and many other touristic activities, Costa de Cantabria is a region that will definitely never disappoint you.

The region also boasts as home to top mountain walks around Europe in addition to its great cuisine and cider houses as well as pre historic caves such as the popular Altamira. It also has spectacular golden beaches and a hub of numerous tourist attraction sites such as Los Picos de Europa, regarded as the Peaks of Europe.

With all these notable features, it is needless to say that the Costa is an exhilarating region in Spain worthy a visit. The landscape of this region emerald valleys interspersed with the lovely mountain ranges, beautiful coastlines, gorges and canyons. The exciting mild and humid climate in this area translates the region into a wonderful landscape comprising of lush green landscape. Regarded as one of the Green region in Spain, Costa de Cantabria is rich with deep green natural forests and meadows as well as lush green vegetations.

Although the region covers a notably small area, there are a few nature reserves and parks making it a ramblers and attractive paradise. The National park of Picos de Europa is perhaps the most important one that also covers Asturias, Castile and some parts of Leon. Additionally, you can also visit the wonderful national park of Collados del Ason, Dunes of Liencres, Saja-Besaya, Santora, Joyel Marshes and Victoria national parks. Costa de Cantabria is also the best destination for nature lovers as well as persons enthusiastic about outdoor activities. One can engage in exciting activities such as mountain climbing, hiking, rafting and even mountain biking.

Costa de Cantabria photo
Photo by J.G. Damlow

Castro Urdiales, Cantabria, Spain

Visitors interested in bird watching as well as amateurs should visit estuary of La Rabia and enjoy this great bird breeding site. The recent conservation efforts in the area have transformed the region into one of the hottest touristic spots in Costa de Cantabria where visitors can see the herons, common swans, common egrets, ducks including red ducks, teals and mallards and also black swans.

Costa de Cantabria has wonderful beaches and some of the top beaches here are among El Sable, Berellin or Barnejo, Aramalar, Amio, Las Arenas and Pedrero. There are also magnificent wetlands formed by river estuaries which include Tina la Menor and Tina la Mayor. Santander is the capital for the region and it is known for its fashionable beachside resorts and its historic beauty that attracts numerous tourists in the region. Sea food and game largely influences the cuisine in Costa de Cantabria and notable delicacies include the crabs, prawns and lobster as well the delicious anchovies.

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