Costa Vasca – reserve of the legends, culture and ancient rituals

Costa Vasca is commonly referred to as Basque coast and comprises of a region in Spain sandwiched between the mountain ranges of Pyrenees and the Atlantic. It also extends up to the French border through the Iberian Peninsula that occupies north western corner. Costa Vasca is known as one of the biggest and most important producers of industry in Spain.

Amazingly, despite this element, the area has largely managed to conserve its legends, culture and ancient rituals. The most treasured jewel in the region is Euskera language whose origins remain a mystery even today. Euskadi, which is translated to mean Basque Country, is an important part of Green Spain with its stunning landscape comprising of a coast lined with rugged cliffs surrounded by fishing villages in the mountainous hinterland that is covered by a spread of green forests.

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Costa Vasca, Spain

The principal city is San Sebastian located in Gipuzkoa province of Basque country in Spain. It is officially known as Donostia Sebastian with the locals being referred to as Donostiarras. All year round, this city is full of interesting things to do and exciting activities to participate in. for instance, the sun kissed beaches are place to spend your entire day with its countryside being one of the most beautiful and amazing places in Spain. San Juan de Gaztelugatxe is a pretty island in the region and is located on the coast of Biacay. The island has a well built bridge that connects it to the mainland and it is one of the wonderful natural places to be for a peaceful retreat. You can find the more than to centuries old hermitage in the island.

The surfing city of Mundaka is the capital of Europe and it is a destination which attracts tourists from all over the world to enjoy and enjoy the high quality and wonderful surf available here. Mundaka is essentially a tiny village located on Biscay bay and in addition to being home to world recognized surfers, the traditional culture of the city is something to enjoy too.

With this being the case in Costa Vasca, you can guess that there is so much to do. In Costa Vasca, everything is actually possible and you will never finding anything that is too far away to be reached. For instance, a stroll through the historical rich streets will do you great as you also delve in the Basque culture. After exploring the countryside and stunning coastline, you can submerge yourself into gastronomic ritual of the place and enjoy some of the best delicacies that you have ever tasted.

Costa Vasca is also a good destination for outdoor and nature activities and other wildly pursuits that you might think about. There are so many activities you can enjoy in the region including diving, sailing, horse riding, surfing, hiking and walking, golfing and cycling among others. The climate in Costa Vasca is the best for these activities as it enjoys a climate that is simply temperate and soothing. The landscape is also diverse and summer holidays on the beaches are extremely comfortable.

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