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Commonly referred to as the Green Coast, Costa Verde is one of the most stunning and wonderful coastlines in Spanish on Cantabria Sea. It is situated in the spectacular Austrias Principality with its capital city being Oviedo.

The Costa was green the green title to showcase a maritime coast which is green in nature, running all the way from Basque and Cantabrian Mountains. Costa Verde is among the most visited destination regions in the northern side of Spain. The Costa features a rugged and breathtaking region, scattered golden sand beaches, wonderful mountain ranges, wooded national parks and the dramatic biosphere reserves.

The beaches in Costa Verde are situated along the more than 350 kms coastline that features secluded coves, sands expanses, numerous ports and wild gorges. Some of the most beautiful Costa Verde beaches are among Playa Xago, Cobijeru beach and Playa de Barayo beach. Most of these beaches are relatively remote but have numerous facilities as well to make your travel as complete and momentous as possible. However, it is still advisable that you carry along plenty of water and packed lunch as well when touring the various beaches in Costa Verde.

Costa Verde is a perfect region for vacationers who love walking and hiking. The coast region is not just dramatic but stunning as well in addition to its long sandy beaches and a spectacular marine life. The scenery and hidden inland is equally spectacular including mountain villages, gorges, emerald forests, fertile plains and rushing rivers. The towns and villages in Costa Verde are also awesome and hot tourist travel areas.

Costa Verde photo
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One of these towns is Gijon centrally located in Costa Verde which began as a small fishing village. The town houses most of the busiest and largest sea ports in Spain. It is a rich touristic town owing to its great shopping centers, wonderful places to eat and a rich historical past. Another town in Costa Verde is Aviles situated in the coast of Cantabria. It is a famous town as far as tourism is concerned and a great farming and sea faring town. It boasts of numerous architectural sites which attracts lots of tourists.

The common cuisine in Costa Verde revolves around hearty and wholesome home cooking. Fabada, a rich bean stew meal is most people’s favorite which comprises of babes or white beans, black pudding, pork shoulder, pork far as well as saffron. Cabrales cheese is also an important part of Costa Verde gastronomic life which is essentially delicious blue cheese that tastes and smells great.

The climate in Costa Verde is great which is contrasting just like the scenery of the region. Sometimes, the climate can wet and temperate extremely for the better part of the year and winters can be pretty cold especially in the mountainous regions. Whereas you might think that the climate makes Costa Verde unsuitable for travel, the fact is that it makes the region even more dramatic and fun. This is more so in its beautiful sceneries, beaches that are storm wrecked and snowy mountains.


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