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Coasts or Costas of Spain refers to the coastline of Spain which comprise of 20 Costas. These Spanish coasts are washed by Atlantic Ocean on their northern side and the southern side is the Mediterranean Sea.

The total length of Spain coastline is actually more than 4000 kilometres and while the names of some of these Costas are very familiar and well known, some Costas of Spain on the other hand are little known. The Spanish coast is one of the hottest holiday destinations in the world where visitors can enjoy any kind of water sports.

Costas of Spain photo
Photo by Starlightworld

Penyal d’Ifac, Costa Blanca, Spain / Photo by Julius

Actually, the Spanish coasts are all about sun, water and having extreme fun. One can choose from an option of three seaboards which are the Mediterranean, the Atlantic and the Cantabria. All these seaboards have a coastline that provides a wide range of possibilities and exceptional climate.

These include:

1. Costa del Sol

Even though all Costas of Spain boast of decent nature beauties and excellent climate, Costa del Sol is essentially the most visited Spanish coast.

Its sandy golden beaches and an excellent coast belt make it a remarkable destination for family holidays and summer beaches in Spain.

2. Costa de la Luz

Otherwise referred to as the Spanish coast of light, Costa de la Luz is one of top Costas of Spain that you would not want to miss. It is well known for its golden wonderful sandy coastline which faces the Atlantic Ocean in the midst of pine groves.

3. Costa de Almeria

This Costa of Spain comprises of coastline stretch located on the south east parts of Spain. The fine sand dunes, sandy beaches, volcanic mountains, wetlands and nature reserves of Costa de Almeria make it one of the top Costas worthy a visit in Spain.

4. Costa del Azahar

Translated to mean the Orange Tree Coast, Costa del Azahar is found in the eastern area of Spain.

It is a popular Costa owing to its beautiful sandy beaches, wonderful coves, remarkable oak forests and lush pine in addition to its beautiful orange groves that attracts so many visitors.

5. Costa Cálida

Costa Cálida is the stretch of Spanish coastline measuring about 250 kilometres. It comprises of the Murcian coastline together with the famous Mar Menor.

This is regarded as the largest and most beautiful natural pool all over the world. It is a hub of all the various water sports.

6. Costa Valencia

Costa Valencia is located right at the centre of Spanish Mediterranean coastline and overlooks the Valencia Gulf. It is lined up with some of the world most beautiful beaches, great rolling mountains and other high mountains where every one would love to spend a summer holiday.

7. Costa Brava

Costa Brava is an exceptionally romantic and beautiful Costa in Spain and spreads from French border all the way to the northern parts of Barcelona.

Comprising of extremely wonderful beaches, Costa Brava boasts as the immediate neighbour of Barcelona which lies next door. A visit to this coastline will leave you glued here for your entire visit to Spain.

8. Costa Dorada

Costa Dorada literary means the golden Spanish coast and stretches right from the Tarragona province located in east Spain.

It is a famous Costa owing to its golden sandy beaches and beautiful promenades that are lined with beautiful pine trees and covered by the Roman ruins.

Photo by Michael Dawes

Cala Jovera, Costa Dorada

9. Costa Blanca

This is actually the white coast in Spanish and can be found in Alicante province. Costa Blanca is in fact one of the top and well known tourist destination points in the Mediterranean.

It is home to some of the best beaches in Spain and there are plenty of water activities to enjoy.

10. Costa Tropical

Costa Tropical stretches in the southern part of Spain and is sandwiched between Costa Almeria and Costa Del Sol. It is a cute Spain Costa to visit boasting of its wonderful pristine coves and picturesque beaches.

11. Costa Verde

Costa Verde (Asturias) literary means the green coast and it is found in northern coastline of Spain. Unlike other Spanish costs on the southern side, this Costa is not affected by lack of water.

It enjoys attractive and lush plant growth and is known as a top cuisine destination with sea foods and shell fish being the specialties.

12. Canary Islands

Canary Islands are Spanish islands known as the happy islands in Spain. The canary comprises of a group of paradisiac islands that enjoy wonderful climate.

They are made of Gran Canaria, Lanzarote, Fuerteventura, La Palma, Tenerife, El Hierro and La Gomera including a few more but smaller ones.

Photo by Sigita JP

Canary Islands, Spain

13. Golfo Ártabro

Golfo Ártabro is well known as a generally rocky and low coast comprising of numerous dotted beaches lads.

Visitors can enjoy a bath at the many great Spanish towns surrounding this costa as they come to enjoy the wonderful gorges, historical sites and monuments along this Spanish coastline.


14. Costa de Cantabria

The journey along the famous Costa de Cantabria in Spain starts from the west part of Spain coast.

Here, you can enjoy seeing the Altamira caves, the El Sardinero beach, the Santillana del Mar, Comillas beach and other beaches such as El Rosal beach.

15. Rias Baixas

Situated on the pontevedra coast province, the Rias Baixas coast consists of the beautiful low estuaries and beaches and rugged landscapes.

There is a lot to enjoy in this coast especially the fantastic bird populations, sailing and water skiing among other exciting activities.

Photo by Vivir Galicia

Playa de Rodas, Rias Baixas, Galicia

16. Rías Altas

These beautiful Rías Altas coast is lined with the wild cute cliffs and remarkably dotted with caves, beautiful beaches and sandy areas. The sea side towns of this Spanish coastal alternate with the medieval ones making this one of the hottest destination points to visit in the Spanish coast.

17. Costa Vasca

Costa Vasca is created by the Pyrenees and Cantabrian Sea and comprises of attractive green shades, rugged coast with beautiful short estuaries, covered with oak and beech and High Mountains.

It also houses some of the most attractive Spanish tourist beaches and it is a hub of festivals and other water activities.

18. Costa Barcelona

This is a popular Costa in Spain found in Catalonia. The Costa Barcelona enjoys a coastline of more than 100 kms and is surrounded by charming fishing towns, golf courses, nature reserves, the breathtaking historical Spanish buildings, great cuisine, nightlife and popular festivals among other coastal attractions.

19. Balearic Islands

The Balearic Islands of Spain coast actually form an autonomous province in their own right. These spread of Islands starts counting from the eastern Valencia coast. Some of its coolest islands are located about 85 kilometers off the coastal mainland and the furthest island lies about 333 kilometers away.

20. Costa da Morte

This Spanish Costa is made up of rugged cliffs giving it the common name of coast of death. Costa da Morte is located on the north eastern regions of Glacia and stretches from the southern parts of Monte Louro to the northern Village of North.

It is a cost worthy visiting as you can enjoy all your favorite water sports here.

Photo by Paolo Margari

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