Culture, People and Comfort that’s all you need in Ibiza

If you are looking for a holiday which is icy refreshing but still ensures to give you breathtaking scenery of a beautiful sunrise, then Ibiza is the place for you.

Ibiza is an Island in Spain, near the Valencia city. This Island has gained its own popularity for nightclubs, thundering electronic music and tourism spots. The best time to visit Ibiza is the summer. This is the reason why this place gets flooded with tourists during summer.

People, who are local here, do not do into the traditional works for livelihood. Due to increased tourists and visitors, the original Ibizan culture has become a little mixture of versatile cultures.

The original culture of Ibiza included a night club life which starts late in the night and goes on till late in the morning. But considering the safety of the tourists, government had set some rules where all the night clubs are supposed to be closed by 6 AM in the morning.

The nightlife of Ibiza is very famous and much desired by many youngsters as a holiday vacation because this place is a “musician’s paradise”. Many DJs choose the nightclubs as an open auditorium for their music releases. The reason behind this is the popularity with which this island is tagged to electronic music.

Sunset in Ibiza photo
Photo by chillntravel

Burning sunset over the island of Es Vedra, Ibiza

Though Ibiza is a loud place for youngsters to make an amazing holiday out of, there is another side to it. The serene sunrise has made it world famous tourism spot for those silence lovers as well. The rustic beauty of this place gets multiplied during the sunrise.

The Café del Mar is a bar that is well known for its breathtaking view of sunrise. This is the place where José Padilla had released more than 12 music videos. To ensure safety, tourists can take local visits through national express coach.

Culture in Ibiza is more of liberal considering the lively atmosphere that this place carries most of the times. Their culture is famous for the special ornaments which are made by the local people with the materials which are available in the island itself. The other important part about the culture in Ibiza is about their music and traditional dance.

For people who visit this place and are interested in learning these skills, there are always instant classes. Local people use the wool, plants and wood which are available locally and make drums, hats, flutes, baskets etc. In few instances these products are proudly exhibited in the stalls which are arranged by the government.

Sea around Ibiza photo
Photo by Gene Krasko Photography

Sea around Ibiza, Spain

Holiday in Ibiza is always the most luxurious. This is because this island has its own airport so that tourists do not have to land in someplace nearby and take another means of transport.

Another measure that is taken by the government about this place to ensure the comfort of tourists is, they passed a rule that any new hotel that is coming up on the island henceforth needs to be a five star.

The other places to visit in Ibiza are Cala d’Hort, Marina of Santa Eulària des Riu, Sunset San Antonio, boat cruises in Ibiza etc. Tourists can very well take the national express coach to plan their trip for whole of Ibiza and nearby spots for a well arranged holiday without any sudden surprises.

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