Cyprus Highlands – impressive mountains waiting for nature lovers and birdwatchers

Around the edges of the beautiful island of Cyprus, tourists are spoilt for choice with beach resorts for every traveller. Agia Napa offers the party scene so many seek while slightly quieter towns such as Larnaca provide a more peaceful haven. The centre of the island is a slightly different story with a range of impressive mountains.

Stretching across the centre of the island are the Troodos Mountains. A few days can easily be spent exploring the foothills and higher if you have the time. The mountains are host to many charming traditional villages which are unspoilt and haven’t been hit by tourism so if you are looking for a more unique take on the island, the mountains are definitely for you.

Troodos Hills photo
Photo by Leonid Mamchenkov

Troodos Mountains, Cyprus

The Troodos range offers plenty of popular trails that tourists can follow safely. The most popular is probably to the Caledonia Falls. The walk takes you through some breath taking scenery along a stream and finishes up at an amazing waterfall.

The highest mountain on Cyprus is Mount Olympus. It stands at approximately 1950m high and the views from the peak are unrivalled.

Another range of mountains on the island goes by the name of Kyrenia. It is a long, narrow chain of mountains that runs along the northern coast of the island. The mountain range offers an experience for the more intrepid traveller. The area offers a plethora of wildlife and flora including the famous orchids that grow in the spring. Perfect for nature lovers and birdwatchers.

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