The city of Copenhagen is the largest city in Denmark. It is also the most populated city in the country; almost two million people call Copenhagen home. Over the years, the city of Copenhagen has been one of the most popular destinations in the entire European Union as millions of tourists have made their way to the city in recent years.


The city of Århus is known as the second most populated city in the country. The city is located at the geographical center of the country, along the eastern coastline of the Jutland peninsula. More than a million people call Århus home; this is nearly 23% of the entire population of the country of Denmark.


The town of Skagen is a small one, but it is also a popular tourist destination in the country on the account of its picturesque beaches and naturally stunning landscapes. These amazing beaches are as a result of desertification which occurred in the area back in the 18th century. The Midsummer Eve or St. John’s Evening is the biggest event of the year.


The third most populated city in the country is none other than that of Odense. Located on the Funen Island, Odense is a popular tourist hot spot in Denmark which attracts countless individuals every single year. The island life is the biggest attracter for those who have chosen to visit the region over the past few years.


The city of Ålborg is one of the most populated cities in Denmark. The city is rich in history and was known to have been first inhabited as far back as the 1st century. Because of the location of Ålborg along a natural harbor, it also became a major economic center throughout the middle ages. Countless visitors make their way to Ålborg every year.


The city of Helsingør was made famous by William Shakespeare. The entire play of Hamlet was set at the Kronborg Castle which can be found in Helsingør; written in texts as Elsinore. The city can be found along the northeastern most coast of Zealand Island; in the eastern part of Denmark.


The small town of Herning has become well known In recent years due to the fact that it is the home of the largest exhibition hall in all of Scandinavia; the Messecenter Herning. The most popular attractions in the city is not the exhibition hall though, it is the Carl-Henning Pedersen and the Herning Art Museums.


On Zealand Island, one can find the city of Roskilde which dates back all the way to the days of the Vikings. It is considered to be one of the most ancient of villages in the whole of Europe and as a result, has become a very popular destination for many travelers from all over the world.


Located in the southern region of Denmark, the city of Billund is a very popular destination in the nation due to the theme park, Legoland. Both the theme park and the local airport were built by the LEGO Group back in 1964. Countless fans of the popular children’s toy have made their way to Billund to see the home of the LEGO.


The city of Kolding is known throughout Europe for the massive seaport which dominates the area. Situated at the mouth of the Kolding Fjord, the city is considered to be the seventh largest in all of Denmark. The city is the transportation center of the nation and is part of the East Jutland metro area which is home to more than 1.2 million residents.


Situated along the southeastern coastline of the Jutland Peninsula, you can find the town of Vejle at the mouth of the Vejle Fjord. While city itself is considered to be the 9th largest in the country it is part of the East Jutland metro area which is the second largest metropolitan region in Denmark.


While merely a suburb of the national capital, Kastrup is one of the most commonly visited parts of Denmark on the account that it is the home of the Copenhagen Airport. Most of the nation’s airliners are based out of Kastrup which makes the area one of the wealthiest in the nation.


The small town of Frederiksbergis home to just over a hundred thousand residents and is known as one of the more popular shopping destinations in Denmark. There are countless malls and shopping districts in Frederiksberg. The city is also home to several of the country’s biggest universities which includes the Copenhagen Business School as well as the University Of Copenhagen Faculty Of Life Sciences.


Located on the Jutland peninsula, you will find the community of Viborg which is a very popular tourist destination in the country. With a population of just under one hundred thousand residents, you are bound to find something to keep you busy at any time of day. There are many clubs bars and restaurants in Viborg.


The city of Silkeborg would not be what it is today if it were not for the paper mill that was built in the area back in 1844. While it only has a population of less than fifty thousand residents, it is part of the second largest metropolitan area in the country.


The city of Fåborg has a very rich history. It was founded back in 1229 after the area where the city is today, was given by Valdemar II to his daughter-in-law. The city of Fåborg is now home to the Hvedholm Castle and was the birthplace of a popular Swedish singer. Many people make their way to Fåborg every single year.


The sleepy little town of Ribe was first established all the way back in the 8th century and as such, is known as the oldest town in the entire country. There are many fine examples of historical architecture found throughout the city today which has attracted countless visitors every single year.


Located along the southwestern coastline of Denmark, the Esbjerg is home to a very important seaport on the North Sea. It is also the fifth largest city in the country of Denmark. Every year, thousands of visitors make their way to Esbjerg to see the beautiful countryside just outside of the city limits.


The small town of Fredericia was founded back in 1650 by the one and only Frederick III, who named the town after himself. The town can be found along the eastern most portion of the Jutland peninsula in the Trekanten region. The city has been well-preserved over the centuries which is the reason it has become a popular tourist destination.


The sleepy little town of Hirtshals can be found on the Vendsyssel-Thy Island which is situated at the top most point of the Jutland peninsula. It is well known for its fishing industry as well as for being home to some of the largest aquariums in the whole of Europe. Countless visitors make their way to the aquariums of Hirtshals every single year.

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