Diekirch – the first city in Luxembourg to have a pedestrian zone

Diekirch is known mainly for two things; its brewery, which shares its name, and the National Museum of Military History. The National Museum of Miltary History is dedicated mainly to the Battle of the Bulge of World War II.

This battle took place in Luxembourg, in the winter of 1944-1945. From the outside it looks like a warehouse full of junk; however, inside it’s a sprawling, multi-level complex with a focus on the impact that the battle had on local civilians.

Diekirch photo
Photo by Jean NICOLET

Diekirch, Luxembourg

There are showrooms featuring lifesize dioramas, extensive collections of weapons, small arms, uniforms, military equipment of all kinds, wheeled and tracked vehicles and personal belongings of the soldiers such as photographs and letters. This is easily the largest collection on the Battle of the Bulge in the entire region, with the total number of displayed artefacts reaching the thousands.

The city boasts the first pedestrian zone in Luxembourg that have been established here in 1977.

Diekirch is famous also for its beer, but there are sadly no tours of the brewery of the same name. However, you can taste the beer in its freshest form in any of the delicious cafes, bar and restaurants in the town. There are restaurants serving everything from traditional cuisine to fish specialities to grilled food to meals from Thailand, Vietnam, China, Malaysia, Italy and Portugal.

There are also plenty of activities in Diekirch. Cycling, mountain biking, canoeing, tennis, swimming, adventure trails, basketball, football, skating and beach volleyball are all available here. After tiring yourself out you can sleep in any of their hotels, campsites or holiday apartments.

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