Drum Castle – a very popular attraction in North Eastern Scotland

This castle is one that is quite unique because from every Drum angle there is a different view. It has a very distinctive architectural style which turns it into a medieval tower and a mansion all in one. The Drum Castle changes from a variety of different angles.

The Castle has so many different meanings to different people. The architecture is one thing that some people might focus on the most as well as the history, entertainment, and the furniture.

The next thing that makes the Drum Castle a very interesting place is the gardens.

When the Drum transformed over into the care of the National Trust for Scotland there were many hours spent into labor work and maintenance of the gardens surrounding; which makes it an even more beautiful place to visit.

Photo by calumsmithphotography

Drum Castle, Aberdeenshire, Scotland, UK

During the year of 1991 the National Trust for Scotland opened up the Garden of Historic Roses. This was opened up to mark the Diamond Jubilee.

Since the opening up of the current garden it has been a very popular attraction in the North Eastern part of Scotland.

Photo by Hilton Bartlett

However, it is not just those that reside in Scotland that come to visit the Drum Castle, but there are people from all over the world that come to visit the historical building as well.

The Garden of Historic Roses was built around the design of the walled garden which was there since 1780, and it is separated into 4 different sections.

The design that each section creates is based off of a design of the past four centuries. The roses that were planted are those from the historic times of the past.

Drum Castle is located close to Drumoak village and is a great attraction in Aberdeenshire.

Basic admission fee is £12.50 but if you become a member of National Trust for Scotland you can enter the property for free along with over 100 properties in Scotland and 300 properties in England, Wales and Northern Ireland.

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