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Out of all of the different castles and historic homes in Scotland, there are none that can quite compare with the mystical qualities of the Dunvegan Castle. It is a castle that is the most renowned out of the many other castles in its land. For an entire period the castle remained to be occupied by the same family which is a record. The history of the castle goes way back to about 8 centuries. The castle holds some very high architectural background since the appearance (inside and out) have been changed at least 10 different times. The history is full of drama and various different stories of high importance to the families that have lived there.

The quality and style of the building built matches perfectly with its historic surroundings. The massive grey towers can be described as perpendicular edges of rock. Where the land is there is a very lengthy plantation of land with many garden scenery patterns to view.

Upon visiting the castle you will see that the structure of it was built with defense in mind. As it was to be used not only as a home but as protection from many allies throughout the years.

The exterior of the castle combines at least 6 different buildings. Five out of the six buildings are those that people are able to visit. The 6th building is an administrative office for the family and the Chief of the building.

Dunvegan Castle is a place that anyone that appreciates history would enjoy visiting.

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