Falkland Palace – one of the most important aspects of the history in Scotland

Falkland Palace has always remained to be one of the most important aspects of the history in Scotland. The retreat is one of the most favorite ones of many tourists to come and visit.

It dates back to the times of when the Stuart Kings were alive as well as Queen Mary, Queen of Scots and King James IV. It is located about 20 minutes in from St. Andrews near the bottom of the Lomond Hills.

Falkland Palace is a true masterpiece and is one of the earliest medieval castles to be built. The residence was very important during this time and it was a domination of the many different destinations in the Falkland village.

There were many celebrations that took place at the palace during certain times of the year.

There is a grand entrance through a gatehouse similar to what would be found at many other palaces dating back to the same period. The Palace acquires nice and elegant scenery ‘til this very day with flower beds and lawns that are very formal and detailed.

This is a place that children would imagine getting married in a sort of fairytale fashion.

Falkland Palace photo
Photo by drgillybean

Falkland Palace, Scotland, UK

The Chapel Royal is simply amazing and very exquisite. Many Roman Catholic weddings have taken place here just because of the traditional setup.

Its ball room setup is enough to include about 70 guests.

The Falkland Palace is certainly a well-respected landmark that is full of history. Many celebrations took place here, and wedding ceremonies or other celebrations are still able to be reserved there this very day.

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