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Perhaps the most famous pilgrimage spot in all of Portugal is that of Fátima’s. Every year countless individuals come to this portion of Portugal to see the location where the Virgin Mary appeared before three shepherd children a century ago.

It was on May 13th of 1917 when a lady who shone brighter than the sun was to first appear before three local children. This apparition expressed to the children the importance of the rosary and informed them that she would return five times and on her last visit, she would perform a miracle.

During the next month, she would reappear on the same day and time of every month and deliver three prophecies to the children. On October 13th of 1917, more than 70,000 people arrived to see the Blessed Virgin Mary. As they gathered in the rain, they prayed to the rosary and as promised, Mary appeared before them, as she stood there, the rain stopped and the sun shone brighter than ever before. Everyone’s clothing dried instantly before their eyes.

The best time to visit Fátima is either on May 13th or October 13th of every year. Visit the basilica that stands at the location where Mary was said to appear before the shepherd children. There is also the Chapel of Apparitions located in front of the basilica. When it is time, make sure to join the procession which will lead the most faithful of pilgrims past the 14 chapels which represent the stages of the Passion of Christ.

There are many great places nearby to check out while you are visiting Portugal. Make your way down to the coast where you will find a number of castles as well as several estuaries which are home to a variety of exotic birds and bottlenose dolphins. You will be able to admire the beauty of Portugal while getting some much needed rest and relaxation in the process.

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