Fuerteventura Airport: Gateway Of The Canary Islands

Taking a visit to the Canary Islands? Take a little detour over to Fuerteventura. When you get off the plane, note the smallish intimate airport. There will of course, be buses, tours and more to help tourists get around, a rental car however makes your time your own and you can choose when to leave and where to go.

What better to start your experience on Fuerteventura than the Grand Tour? Climb aboard the air conditioned tour bus and have a guide show and tell you where the hot spots on the island are! From the beaches and marinas to the parks and zoos, you’ll learn all about it on the Grand Tour.

Fuerteventura Airport photo
Photo by fraitaly

Fuerteventura is known for its beaches. Corralejo is a bit of a paradoxical beach. Much of the landscape is desert until the perfect white sand backs up to the beach. Corralejo is very popular with surfers, naturists and people who enjoy wide clean beaches and crystal clear waters to swim in. Some of the other beaches at Fuerteventura include Playa de Cofete, El Cotillo and Sotavento Beaches. For a taste of the unusual in beaches, try the Playa de Ajuy which is a black sand beach that also has caves that you can explore when you are done swimming.

Top things to do in Fuerteventura

La Lajita Zoo

The La Lajita Zoo, also called Oasis Park, is home to over 200 types of birds, hippopotamuses, giraffes and other animals. The Zoo also features animal shows and a beautiful garden just waiting to be explored.

Submarine Safari

Looking for a tour that is more than just the usual? How about an underwater safari? Climb into the big yellow submarine take your seat and watch as the sea life teems around the reefs and natural formations in Fuerteventura. The yellow submarines depart from both Corralejo and Castillo every day.

Sport Fishing

You spotted them in your undersea journey in the yellow submarine, now it is time to go get them and haul them in. Sport fishing excursions leave from Corralejo’s harbor daily. The tour is five hours but the fee includes your fishing equipment rental as well. Food and drinks are served on board the boat.

Dolphin Safari

Are you more interested in seeing the fish, than in catching them? Good! Because they won’t let you take a dolphin home anyway. The Dolphin Safaris take you out amidst playing, jumping dolphins, provide you with snorkeling equipment so you can swim with these incredible creatures. Food and drinks are served on board the boat.

Lobos Island

Lobos island is named for the colonies of mock seals, also called sea wolves that lived on the island until the 1800’s. Lobos of course is the name for wolf. Park your rental car and take a sailboat to the island.

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