Get a shade of pink with Belluno and the Dolomites

Belluno is a mountain city of Veneto, located near Treviso and about 100 km from Venice. It is the largest populated province of Valbelluna, with its 36,000 more inhabitants. It is famous for its Parco Nazionale delle Dolomiti Bellunesi and its pink mountains. The main geographic features of the city are its beautiful mountains indeed, the Dolomites, and its River, the Piave.

belluno photo
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Cortina and the Dolomites

The area of Belluno, is celebre to be a pleasant skiing location, with the worldwide known city of Cortina that is a V.I.P winter holidays destination, and the local skiing resort of Nevegal. Winter is the best period to visit Belluno’s mountains and enjoy the city amenities. But summer is also a very good period. In fact, many visitors choose Belluno as a summer hiking destination, thanks to the amazing panorama offered by its Dolomites, the pink mountains.

belluno photo
Photo by Robyn Hooz

A nature paradise

The city itself, is a very nice area to stay in. It is very quiet and relaxing. Ideal for people that lives in cities and need some time off from the typical metropolis chaos. Belluno is a natural oasis, in the heart of the mountains: it is located in the middle of pure nature and beauty. The city is in fact designed as the healthiest city to live in in Italy, and has a high level of environment awareness. The air you breath is very clean, and the sky at night is full of shining stars.

But the city center is also pretty charming with its Roman outlook. It is built on a hill over the river, and has still its original feudal walls. The main attractions of the city are its Duomo, Palazzo dei Rettori, The communal Palace and its fountain in Piazza Duomo. In Belluno you can also find elegant and traditional restaurants and bars, where you can try the local food and drinks. Moreover, the central square of the city, Piazza dei Martiri, is a nice shopping area, where you can spend a pleasant afternoon shopping and chilling.

A curiosity of Belluno, is the origin of its name: it derives from Celtic Belo-donum, which means splendid hill. Another peculiarity of the city is the particular colour that it assumes thanks to its mountains. The Dolomites get magical at sunset time, and turn pink and violet, giving the same tonality to the nearby city. They really change colour, and give Belluno a different shade and atmosphere! If you love nature and beautiful landscapes, Belluno and its pink mountains are definitely a place you must add to your bucket list!

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